Put easy to use and understand flooding information in the communities pockets.


Automatically publish any view(s) from your waterRIDE projects.


Responsive interface ensures a great experience working with your datasets.

Any Device

Seamlessly runs on mobile, tablet and desktop. No install needed.

waterRIDE LITE makes it simple to publish your flooding information for access by anyone.

Linking to live datasets, you can be confident everyone is looking at the same information.

The simple interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate your flooding information.

Flooding Data In Your Pocket

It's easy.

Click publish on your waterRIDE view(s) and the flood layer along with any thematic settings are available.

Use multiple views to structure access to your information.

Intuitive and Simple Interface

Your data is easy to use, digest and understand.

Control what data the end user can access when clicking on the surface (eg depth only, or perhaps terrain, level and depth).

Familiar background maps/imagery ensures end users know what to do (BING, Google, Open Street Maps, Apple, Azure, and Here Maps are supported)

Leverages the power of waterRIDE via the CLOUD API for live flood information and processing - much more than just a flood map.

Any Type of Flooding Data

Exhibit a new flood study.

Provide access to design and historical flood information

Share forecast flood information

Provide access to self-help automated flood certificates

Clear Understanding of Flood Implications

Automatically superimpose flood levels onto Google StreetView property imagery for a clear depiction of flood affectation.

Use your own property/asset imagery if you prefer.

Use design flood levels (eg 1% AEP) or use a live flood forecast to help the community prepare.

In Your Pocket

Truly mobile friendly, the simple interface just works.

High Quality Mapping

Leveraging common online mapping platforms provides a familiar, high quality backdrop for end users.

Any Device

The interface adapts to any device, ensuring a quality user experience no matter where they are.

Private Mode

Setup a username/password framework for "non-public" access.

Automatic Publishing

Publish any waterRIDE view, including thematic settings and legends.


Publish as many layers as you like and control what values can be inspected.

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