2018/2019 Training.

waterRIDE group training is designed to quickly get you “up to speed”. Alternatively, tailored onsite sessions target specific waterRIDE use for your organisation.

Whether you are new to waterRIDE or a an experienced user, our entirely “hands-on” sessions are designed to help you get the most from waterRIDE.

*** Full course descriptions and pricing schedules can be found HERE. ***


3rd – 5th September, 2018
  • Introductory (3rd)
  • Flood Certificates Masterclass (4th)
  • Advanced (5th)
5th – 7th March, 2019
  • Introductory (5th)
  • Flood Certificates Masterclass (6th)
  • Advanced (7th)
22nd – 23rd October, 2018
  • Introductory (22nd)
  • Advanced (23rd)
25th – 26th March, 2019
  • Introductory (25th)
  • Advanced (26th)
26th – 27th February, 2019
  • Introductory (26th)
  • Advanced (27th)

New Zealand

13th – 14th November, 2018
  • Introductory (13th)
  • Advanced (14th)
11th – 12th June, 2019
  • Introductory (11th)
  • Advanced (12th)


To register for any of the group training sessions, or to discuss an onsite tailored session, please contact us using the form below