“I want to access these complex flood modelling results, but I’m not a flood modeller.”

Unlock information

Simplify access to complicated flood information in a visually appealing and easy to understand manner.

Floodplain mapping

Easily create flood extent, flood hazard, and flood planning maps, including surface smoothing for enhanced presentation.

Easy interrogation

Easily extract water levels, flood depths, flood hazards, velocities, and VxD at any location on the floodplain.

Council-wide access

waterRIDE can be used to provide access to flood information across an entire agency (if desired).

waterRIDE allows government agencies to leverage their investment in, and to get more value from their floodplain modelling results, regardless of the type of flood model used.

Flood modelling is a highly technical and complex process, involving significant time and resources. Traditionally, model results are provided to Government Agencies as reports (both hard and soft copy), and usually as processed, static GIS surfaces. Often, the end users of outputs of the flood modelling process do not always have a flood modelling background or skills in the modelling software leaving an organisation no choice but to work with the limited deliverables.

More Benefits

  • Quality assurance in providing flood information
    A standard method of interrogating flood information and determining flood levels ensures consistency when issuing flood data.
  • Automated flood certificates
    Ensure fast, consistent, and quality controlled flood information is issued at the click of a button
  • Common interface to models
    waterRIDE provides a common interface to the results of many different hydraulic models. All your results will look the same, regardless of the model type.
  • Handle any type of flood modelling
    Storm surge, riverine, overland flow or piped.
  • Linking flood data with GIS
    Easily integrate flooding data with GIS datasets such as depth over floor flooding and depth over evacuation routes. Export results to external GIS platforms.
  • Community education
    waterRIDE can be used to clearly illustrate flooding issues to the community in a highly visual manner they can understand.
  • Easy hydraulic analysis
    waterRIDE facilitates easy analysis of hydraulic results including flood hazard analysis and flood damage assessment and can assist in floodway definition and categorization.
  • Emergency management
    The unique time varying analysis capability and flood forecasting features of waterRIDE provide essential information for flood emergency planning and evacuation management, including real-time flood forecasting.