February 2022

2022. Year of the Cloud?

As we usher in the year of the Tiger, COVID19 continues to sink its teeth into our everyday lives.

Despite the disruption and change, it's nice to know that there are ways we can maintain consistency in the way we work.

As "The Cloud" is ubiquitous, being equally accessible from home, the office, or when travelling, it makes real sense to embrace it as a holistic way of working.

We are not just talking about the storage of your data or a few simple maps, we are talking about it being a place to work with your data, making it truly usable.

In issue 61, we discussed the term "next-gen cloud" which relates to the ability to provide a full, rich application experience inside your browser. This was something that has become available only as the cloud has matured.

From a technology perspective, all "work" is done on the server, not on your machine which enables the cloud experience to considerably faster than using network, or even local, based datasets.

Such frameworks can be fully hosted on the cloud or locally using an on-prem server. To the end user, both options provide the same experience but your IT team may prefer one approach over the other.

All of this means that no matter where you are, you can work with your flooding data with in exactly the same way.

However, it also offers up a world of new capability in terms of collaboration, sharing, accessibility and levels of service, both inside and outside of your organisation.

Perhaps you should think about making 2022 the year of the cloud?

NEW RELEASE: Web-Based License Server

A few of you already know that we have developed a web-based license server (thank you to our beta testers!) and we are now excited to announce its formal release.

Designed to simplify licensing, the web-based license server operates in the same way as the on-prem license server, except that it runs on our cloud servers, meaning your IT no longer needs to administer it.

A license server allows you to share your current waterRIDE (Classic) licenses with others within your organisation. The number of concurrent users is limited to the number of licenses held of each product.

To transition, send us an email (waterRIDE@worley.com) and we'll organise a license file for you. Add that file to your waterRIDE (Classic) installation folder and waterRIDE will automatically connect to the licensing server over the internet.

License server fees remain the same and there is no cost to transition from an existing on-prem license server.

For those not using a license server, contact us to find out how it could make your waterRIDE usage much more flexible.

2022 Group Training Schedule

With the success of running virtual training for the past 2 years, we continue to offer group training sessions to all on our waterRIDE CLOUD platform.

However, given the simplicty of attending virtual training, we have decided to break the training sessions into a series of new 6 half-day modules (3-4 hours each), allowing attendees to receive focussed, practical training whilst still leaving time to "get some work done".

The revised sessions include:
   - Viewer
   - Essentials
   - Flood Intelligence and Reporting
   - Working with Model Data
   - waterRIDE in the Enterprise
   - Automated Flood Certificates

More information on dates, pricing and content can be found in the Training section.

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