June 2022

Conference Presentation: It's Going To Flood Tomorrow - From Uncetainty to Clarity, Overnight

Trent Laves presented at the recent Floodplain Management Australia Conference in Toowoomba a couple of weeks ago.

His presentation focussed on how the cloud provided the only means for the delivery of remote professional services to help Narrabri Shire Council prepare for impending flooding.

The key highlight of the presentation is the fact that given the time constraints, assistance could not have been provided had Councils datasets (some several hundred GB) not been available on the cloud.

Upload/download times of 12 hours (and postage measured in days) meant that it was impossible to share datasets prior to flooding, yet Council needed to understand what the predicted flooding would look like.

Trent's 3 minute presentation is available below.

Webinar: Flood Forecasting Using Readily Available Datasets

Our last webinar in May was very well attended and provided an insight into how an effective flood forecasting system can be built with datastes that most organisations already posess, or have access to.

In the webinar, Trent demonstrated how simple flood study outputs can be used to build a fast and effective system.

The webinar also highlighted how targetted flood intelligence on the likely impications of flooding can be created by integrating the forecast flood surface with organisation-specific asset datasets.

You can watch the webinar here.

2022 FMA Conference - Toowoomba - Since We Last Met...

It was great to catch-up with many of you in person at the recent Floodplain Management Australia conference in Toowoomba.

It was a comforting experience to be back face to face, discussing a myriad of issues and ideas particularly surrounding the severe flooding this year.

At the waterRIDE trade booth we took to the opportunity to highlight the development work we've completed over the 3 years since the last in-person conference.

Key development included:
waterRIDE 10                                          One waterRIDE
DATA Manager                                        Automated Flood Certificates
Flood Certificates Web API                    Flood Forecasting
Image Gallery                                          StreetMaps
Rapid Reproject                                      waterRIDE CLOUD
waterRIDE.net Hosting                           FastBar
Web License Server                                Image Toggle
Cloud-based Sharing                              Flood Forecast Data Packs
Enterprise                                                Online Address Server
Pyramids                                                 Master Project
Home Button                                           Online Help
Metadata                                                 Surface Weighted Stretching
Link to Gauge                                          User Management
GDA2020                                                  DEM Builder
Catchment Tools                                     Stage vs Storage
WaaS                                                        Bulk Report Figures
Split View                                                 Flood Risk Manager

New Starter: Zhifang Hu

It's with great pleasure that we introduce Zhifang Hu who started with the waterRIDE team 3 weeks ago.

Zhifang finished his Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering back in 2014 at UQ and continued his academic journey as a coastal engineer, trying to understand gravity wave grouping using the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) model OpenFOAM.

Upon finishing his thesis, Zhifang started his consulting career as a Flood Engineer in 2018 and has been involved in a wide range of development projects across Australia, such as Cross-River Rail Development in Brisbane, the Elizabeth River Region development in the North Territory, and the Dunoon Dam hydrology study in NSW.

Zhifang is based in our Brisbane office and we welcome him to the team!

waterRIDE Group Training - 21st to 30th June, 2022

Our next group training sessions are on in 3 weeks.

Following their introduction in the March training sessions, each module now only runs for half a day.

This provides the opportunity for "bite size" sessions that do not interrupt your full working day yet provide targetted training on capability that addresses your needs.

Full details of the upcoming sessions including content and pricing are available here.

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