October 2021

Managing Multiple Flood Studies

Most organisations have flood studies separated into major catchments or independent waterways. For planning purposes it may be worthwhile merging, say, the 1 in 100yr surfaces from each study into a single, seamless surface.

However, we often still need to provide access to each study and the full range of events modelled. You could do this in one, huge project similar to conventional GIS approaches but this makes it quite cumbersome for the end user to access what they need.

Some of the better approaches include:
   - Creating a linked Master->Detail project
   - Adding projects to the Central Projects List
   - Ensuring that your waterRIDE projects are in the same folder

Let's have a look at these separately.

Creating a Master-Detail Linked Project
In this approach, a master project is used to facilitate links to each of the indivdual study projects. The end user need only click on the relevant catchment/study and that project will be opened automatically.

The easiest way to create this linkage is to generate a GIS layer of bounding-boxes for each flood study. A field in this GIS layer should then contain the relative (or absolute) path to the study project associated with each box. These projects will be opened when the relevant catchment polygon is clicked.

Then, setup a direct link using the links tool on the setup panel. The result will be something like:

Adding Projects to the Central Projects List
The Central Projects list is a neat way to provide access to your waterRIDE projects. Appearing on the Quick Start Dashboard when waterRIDE loads, a nested menu can provide structured access to your projects.

After establishing the Enterprise framework, simply add each project as a base project or under a subheading. For example, the list below provides access to important, top level projects such as the master project, flood certificates and flood forecasting. Individual catchment study projects are found under a subheading. 

Ensuring That Your waterRIDE Projects Are In The Same Folder
Requiring a little more knowledge from your end users than the earlier approaches, it is good practice to keep all of your waterRIDE projects in the same root folder. The actual datasets can be in separate locations, but by keeping them in the one folder, end users are able to navigate to a single project and select them from the list.

In the end, it is important to ensure that the end users of your flooding datasets are able to easily access the information that they are after. With waterRIDE CLOUD making it simple to quickly share your information, it becomes more likely that your end users will not be familiar with your datasets.

As a result, implementing some (or all) of the above techniques can go a long way to ensuring that end users can just "click and go".

Webinars: Have You Missed One? 

We've run a few webinars over the past 12 months. If you happened to miss one, we've now included access to them from our website.

Head to the webinars section of the website to learn more about:
   - waterRIDE CLOUD Launch
   - Sharing flooding information without transferring any data
   - Automating flood certificates - you already have everything you need
   - Making your flooding data even easier to access

Easier waterRIDE Support

With version 10.0.70, we released a new file upload facility for getting large datasets to us if you encounter any probems or bugs using waterRIDE.

If you need to send us a file, or contact us with any support questions, please head to the support section of the website.

waterRIDE Training - November/December 2021

Whilst still a little early, it's worth noting that next waterRIDE training sessions are on at the end of November and includes the flood certificates masterclass.

We continue to run these sessions virtually using waterRIDE CLOUD:
- Essentials (Tue 30th Nov)
- Advanced (Wed 1st Dec)
- Flood Certificates Masterclass (Thu 2nd Dec)

For more information or to book your place please visit the training page.

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