How is it used?

Flood Data + GIS

Integrate flood models with GIS data sets to derive powerful insights.

Time-varying analysis

Understand the behavior and impact of flooding by leveraging time-varying results.

Complex, simplified

Readily interrogate flood model data, without needing to be a flood modeler.

Common interface

Regardless of the model type, use a common interface for your results.

Flood Forecasting

Utilize real-time storm surge forecasts, predicted levels at gauges, or forecast rainfall to rapidly interpolate the likely flood surface. Visualize and interrogate how floods develop and what the impacts may be, before it even starts raining.

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Floodplain Mapping

Readily convert complex flood modeling results into useful mapping. Quickly process model results into derived datasets such as flood planning levels, evacuation schedules, flood affected facilities, or envelope designated flood surfaces combining storm surge, overland flow and riverine flooding. Advanced tools overcome common mapping issues such as glass walls, DEM refinement, shallow flow terracing, surface smoothing and 1D result mapping.

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Automated Flood Certificates

Automate the time-consuming process of sifting through flooding information for a property to create fast, consistent, and quality controlled flood certficates, at the click of a button.

If you are spending more than a few minutes responding to formal requests for flood information, then you need to explore what waterRIDE can offer.

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Sharing and Presenting

Share flooding information across your organization in a quality controlled, easy to use, view-only manner. Impress with high quality, interactive presentations of modeling results, with minimal effort. Rapidly prepare deliverables with dedicated tools.

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