It’s waterRIDE, but on the cloud

waterRIDE CLOUD combines all the functionality of the original product with the power of cloud technology.

It’s designed so that you can transfer your existing flood datasets, whether they’re in waterRIDE or not, to the cloud.

Being on the cloud means that our solutions are even more accessible, and enables wider management of climate change.

Why should you use waterRIDE CLOUD?

waterRIDE CLOUD lets you centralize flood datasets and provide insights to external parties.

It’ll be faster to spread vital information that could help hundreds of thousands of people in areas vulnerable to flooding.

It will transform the way that floods are handled, and the way climate change is handled.

Being on the cloud means quicker climate change mitigation actions and less harm to flood-affected communities

Moving to the could means you get more centralized access to your data, so you can make decisions quicker.

It also means that you can distribute specific flood data and insights externally. This sharing of data could be with the general community, external emergency response agencies, government agencies, and insurance companies.

This ease of access and sharing leads to more agile systems and better communication with external stakeholders. The result? Communities better equipped to face climate change.

We also have a new data manager feature

You can either manage your data yourself, or we can do it for you. We take your flood datasets, do all the historical conversions, and carry out quality assurance checks. returning a clean dataset to you.

With waterRIDE CLOUD, you don’t need to be an expert at data management to get the best flood resiliency.

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