Automating the delivery of real-time flood intelligence

The waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console is designed to automate the operation of a waterRIDE™ based flood forecasting system. A manual system typically uses waterRIDE™ FLOOD Manager to setup and operate the system as desired, updating forecast gauge levels by entering gauge level forecasts.

The waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console provides a means of streamlining the operation of the system, as well as distributing forecast information to a wider audience. This may involve the use of multiple waterRIDE™ FLOOD Viewer licenses for intuitive, read only access to the forecast data and affectation.

Setup to run a regular schedule, the waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console will:

  1. Collect forecast information:
    1. From a file
    2. From the web (eg XML distribution, http GET REQUEST)
    3. Setup and execute real-time hydrologic models
  2. Load and process a waterRIDE™ flood forecasting project
    1. Surface interpolation
    2. Flood intelligence creation (integration of forecast surface with GIS datasets)
  3. Distribute waterRIDE™ surface files for access using waterRIDE™ FLOOD Manager and/or Viewer
  4. Distribute (LAN/WAN or web/FTP) forecast and affectation as general files:
    1. GIS files/surfaces
    2. Reports
    3. Web imagery
  5. Process Alerts
    1. Email reports
    2. SMS


Further information on the functionality and benefits of a waterRIDE™ based flood forecasting system can be found here.

Some of the key features of the waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console include:

  • Scheduled automation of waterRIDE™ forecast setups
  • Manual systems can operate in parallel with the automated system
  • Wide distribution of easy to use forecast surfaces and affectation through waterRIDE™ FLOOD Manager/Viewer projects
  • Automated exporting and delivery of GIS vector/surface datasets
  • Web image delivery
  • Email and file based reporting
  • SMS and email alerting
  • Flexible alert triggers:
    • Water surface driven (eg depth or level based triggers)
    • Affectation driven (eg properties likely to flooded above floor, evacuation route closure, critical infrastructure inoperability etc)
  • Full error logs and error handling – if the computer is on, the system will operate
  • End user permissions and access controlled through standard Windows file sharing protocols
The waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console is available as a standalone application.

It is designed to run as a scheduled task on a standard Windows machine. The machine does not need to be a ‘server’, but should have all required connectivity for the forecast setup.