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Flooding data + GIS = infinite insights

  • Flooding data integrated with GIS
    waterRIDE integrates flood models with GIS data sets to derive powerful insights such as identifying depth above evacuation routes, affected properties and developments, or depth above critical infrastructure.
  • Time-varying analysis
    Truly understand the behavior and impact of flooding by leveraging time-varying results. Understand when and where inundation occurs, which locations become isolated before inundation, how best to plan for evacuations, or animate your flood model to provide new insights.

Flood planning

  • Floodplain planning
    Automatically add a buffer to peak flood levels to derive a flood planning surface, allowing you to rapidly identify and tag affected properties and assets within the flood planning zone.
  • Scaled “street view” photos
    Integrate flood levels with scaled photos of properties or assets to provide a realistic image of flooding at an individual location.
  • Community education
    waterRIDE can be used to clearly illustrate flooding issues to the community in a highly visual manner they can understand.

Real-time flood forecasting

  • Flood forecasting
    Rapidly interpolate a predicted peak flood surface from real-time storm surge forecasts or predicted levels at gauges. See what a predicted flood will look like and begin planning before it even starts raining.
  • Emergency management
    Visualize and interrogate how floods develop, providing essential information in evacuation phasing and planning.

Flood impact

  • Flooding impact
    Understand the impact of flooding on your community, planned development, or business. Automatically integrate your water surfaces with floor levels, property types and damage curves to calculate damages across a range of flood events. Determine the likely financial exposure of assets or communities to flooding over their expected lifetime.
  • Risk mitigation
    Readily assess the implications of various flood mitigation measures on your community or business operations to help prioritize options. Fast what-if analysis allows you to understand your sensitivity to flooding and take action to minimize disruption.

Automated certificates

  • Automated certificates
    Setup automatically prepared flood certificates to create fast, consistent, and quality controlled flood information, at the click of a button.

Quality assured and information rich

  • Quality assurance
    waterRIDE provides a standard method of interrogating flood information. It allows users to rapidly identify modeling errors, understand model behavior, verify and calibrating models, and providing consistent, high quality deliverables.
  • Metadata enrichment
    Link additional information such as source reports, photos, videos or comments in any format to spatial objects. Assist your client in managing their flood modeling data sets and any associated documentation by developing a flood data management system.

Sharing and presenting

  • Organization access
    Share flooding information across your organization in a quality controlled, view-only manner. Different projects can be setup to convey data sets in targeted ways for different end user types.
  • Presentation of results
    Impress your clients with high quality, interactive presentations of modeling results, with minimal effort. The sophisticated GIS framework and toolset within waterRIDE will greatly enhance communication with your clients.
  • Rapid deliverable preparation
    Rapidly prepare deliverables with dedicated tools such as GIS flood extents, results mapped to fine scale DEM’s, thematic model surfaces, peak water levels and flood envelopes, peak hydraulic hazards, floodplain classification, flood planning levels, mapping to GIS, preparation of figures for reports, packaging of flood surfaces. Collect all necessary files in your project and copy them to a single location (e.g. external hard drive) for easy delivery to clients.

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