Online Address Server

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Online Address Server

Configure Online Address Server (Local User ONLY)

An online address server allows users to search by entering an address, as a single line. waterRIDE™ supports ESRI address servers and assumes the server supports a single line address entry.

Servers are setup on each client as either "user defined" or "Administrator", or can be setup as part of an Enterprise configuration.

waterRIDE can also use BING's online address server for natural address searching (eg 141 Walker St North Sydney). This is preconfigured.

When using address servers, you must ensure projections are set for all layers and views as these servers usually return coordinates in WGS 84 Lat/Long.

User Defined Servers:


To add a new server:

1) Right click on the grid and select "Add New"

2) Edit the Name/Label of the server. This cannot contain spaces and is the ID presented to the user when they search for an address

3) Enter the URL of the server, followed by a comma, followed by (in quotes ""), the name of the query field facilitating single line input (often "SingleLine" or "Single Line Input"). Finally, a projection code can be entered if the server returns coordinates in a system other than WGS84 Lat/Long. Projection codes can be found by clicking clip12246. Only the numeric code number should be entered (see above image for an example)

4) Right click and select "Set as Default" to specify the selected server as the default option

On closing the form, you will prompted to save any changes.

Note that the above will store the configuration in the users application ini file and will only appear for that particular user.


Administrator Defined Servers:

System administrators can define global address servers that cannot be edited (delete/rename) by users.

These settings are stored in the [GEOLOCATION SERVERS] section of the application ini file (usually found in c:\Program Files (x86)\waterRIDE\wR_Flood\). They follow the same structure as the above user defined servers. An example is provided below:



If using the ESRI geolocation service (above), the service will return points in Lat/Long (WGS 84) coordinates. You must ensure you have the project specified for each view to enable conversion (if required).

With waterRIDE 10, the reccommended method of establishing online address servers is to use an Enterprise configuration.