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Create New

New GIS Layer

Allows the user to create a new GIS layer with a specified field structure.


For each field, enter the name, field type (and width, if appropriate), and click ADD to add the field to the structure.

On clicking OK, the user is prompted to save the layer to disk. Note that not all file formats support the creation of "blank" GIS layers.


New GIS from Template

Creates a blank GIS layer with the field structure of an existing GIS layer.


Create GIS Points from CSV File

Allows the user to create a GIS (.shp file) layer of points using data in the columns of a CSV file. Each point occupies a row of the CSV file.

The CSV file must contain at least the X and Y coordinates for each point.



1.Select the format of the CSV files, along with the starting row for the data.

2.Field names are specified in the Header Line, or entered manually.

3.Select each field individually, edit the field attributes and type, and select modify.

4.Tick all fields that you wish to include in the new GIS layer.

5.Select the fields containing X and Y coordinates.

6.Enter the data projection

7.Click OK.


Create GIS Using GPS Coordinates in Photo

Allows the user to create a GIS layer of points using any GPS coordinates that may be stored in the header of JPEG photos (usually available when photos are taken using a smartphone). The coordinates are usually stored in Lat/Long (WGS84) projection. This layer can be useful when made active and "auto linking" has been setup.