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Note that all editing is carried out "in memory". Changes are not written to disk until the save changes button is clicked. Editing is carried out on the active GIS layer, whilst creating new layers will write/append to the layer on disk, directly.

clip12180 Draw object: Allows creation of point, polyline, polygon , circle and rectangle objects by directly drawing on the map. The data can be saved to the active layer (GIS file), to an external file (mif/mid format), or to the on-screen temporary buffer. The user is asked for the object type, then clicking points on the map will create the object. Alternatively, use the drop-down menu to directly select the object you wish to create. Right clicking will finish the object and display the data record for completion and then revert to enabling another object of the same type. Right clicking again will exit drawing.

clip12181 XY Point: Allows the addition of point data by typing in the coordinates.

clip12182 Move object: Select and move an object in the active layer while holding the left mouse button down. Holding down the Alt key facilitates snapping to existing points or vertices.

clip12183 Edit vertices: Select a polyline or polygon object, then edit vertices: click & drag to move, Ctrl click to insert a vertex, and Shift click to delete a vertex. Holding down the Alt key facilitates snapping to existing points or vertices. Right click when finished with editing the object and right click again to leave edit mode.

clip12184 Split Polyline: Breaks a selected polyline into two parts. Left click on the polyline to split, then left click on the point at which to split.

clip12185 Edit object attributes: Display a table to edit the GIS attribute record for the selected object.

clip12186Convert Active Field Text: Convert the active field text value to a GIS text object at the centroid of the object

clip12187 Reverse Vertices Order: Reverse the order of vertices in a polygon/polyline

clip12188 Delete object: Delete selected objects.

clip12189 Abort drawing: Abort the current drawing process.

clip12190 Save changes: Drawing to an active mif/mid layer is temporarily saved to the internal pbg/dbf format. This tool will write the changes back to the mif/mid file. If the active layer is a shape file, then this tool will compress the file, removing all deletions

clip12191 Select Objects Within Fence: Select multiple objects by drawing different types of fences onscreen.

clip12192 Calculate distance along a line to a point: Select a GIS polyline object, then select a point to determine the distance along the line to that point.

clip12193Split polyline: Splits a polyline into 2 parts

clip12194Merge polylines: Merges 2 polylines

clip12195 Polygon Union: Merge all polygons in layer into a single polygon

clip12196 Copy Object: Copy an object for pasting into a different GIS layer.

clip12197Paste Object: Paste object to active GIS layer

clip12198 Copy Object to Separate File: Copy the selected GIS object to a separate file.

clip12199 Geo-locate layer: A dialog provides a mechanism to translate and rotate a GIS layer to fit a desired coordinate base.

clip12200 Revert to saved: Temporary changes can be scrapped by reverting back to the last saved version with this undo tool.

Note that you can snap to a node in the active GIS layer by holding down the ALT key.