TUTORIAL - Setting up an Image Toggle

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TUTORIAL - Setting up an Image Toggle

Image Toggle layers allow end users to easily toggle the background imagery in waterRIDE.


As an example, the basic steps below show how to setup an Image Toggle for NSW using state government aerial imagery and Open Street Maps.

1) Download the NSW Image Server configuration and projection files from here.

2) Download the Open Street Maps Configuration and projection files for: waterRIDE 10.0.93+, or waterRIDE 10.0.87. Alternatively, look to create your own BING maps configuration file using these instructions.

3) On the Setup panel, click Imager/Grid in the Composite Layer Section


4)  Click clip12314 to add layers to a new composite layer. Select Image Toggle



5) Enter a filename to save the image toggle to and then select the OSM and NSW image layers to add.



6) Change the display label to something meaningful. This is what the end user will see when they go to toggle the image. We'll use Aerials and StreetView for this example.



7) Click save

8) Load the Image Toggle layer into a new view and you should see the NSW aerial imagery

9) create a new base view, change to it and then go back to view 1. This sets the interface to recogise that an Image Toggle is being used for the first time.

10) Click the clip12318 button to switch to Open Street Maps