August 2020

WaaS Up? Fully Managed waterRIDE.

Rewind almost 20 years and the phrase "WaaS Up?" conjures up a different meaning to our new fully managed waterRIDE solution: waterRIDE as a Service (WaaS).

Whilst managing and maintaining flooding datasets is not necessarily a difficult task (although it can be), it does take time and sometimes requires input from experienced hydraulic and spatial experts. 

Our users tell us that they really enjoy the end product of waterRIDE: opening a project and having their data "ready to go". Often, they also mention that they just don't have the time to prepare the datasets for waterRIDE themselves.

Whilst you have always been able to get external help in data setup, preparation and management, the release of waterRIDE CLOUD has increased the scope for this assistance by an order of magnitude.

The idea behind WaaS is that all of the "background" work in preparing a waterRIDE project is carried out external to your organisation. All of the conversion, cleaning, overlap management, versioning, archiving, metadata management and consistency is looked after on your behalf.

This means that users within your organisation can just logon and start using your datasets.

You could think of it as "sharing" in your own waterRIDE expert, albeit not having to share in any of the hassles.

For more information on this exciting new service, please visit the waterRIDE CLOUD page on our website.


We've had an overwhelmingly postive response to waterRIDE CLOUD and have been busy fielding a number of questions.

Many of these questions are common across different organisations so we have prepared an FAQ to provide a response to our most common questions.

If you missed it, the waterRIDE CLOUD launch webinar can be viewed at: 

Working From Home

As many of us continue to work from home we have prepared a brief guide on ensuring the best waterRIDE experience when not in the office.

The key to your out of office experience is understanding the data path of the information you are working with.

This means that you should be looking at the link between where the data is stored and where it is processed. Ideally, you want these to be in the same location.

A poor example is running waterRIDE from your laptop at home but trying to access a project on the LAN when you are connected via a VPN. In this example, waterRIDE is trying to transfer the data it needs across the internet, which will likely be quite slow!

Some reccommended options include:
1) Using software such as Citrix - in this case you are not running the software on your machine, but on a server on your organisations network.

2) Remote desktop (actual or virtual) – a similar concept to above with often a smoother interface experience but limits simultaneous connections as you are working on “someone’s” machine.

3) Local copy – take a local copy of all datasets and work from home using a local copy of waterRIDE (use a VPN to connect to the license server, if needed).

4) waterRIDE CLOUD – released in May, this would provide you with the fastest/cleanest access from anywhere as all data and processing is done on the server.

Please contact us if your waterRIDE experience from home is not running smoothly.

waterRIDE Training in BRISBANE
(+ Virtual Option)
16th and 17th September, 2020

The next waterRIDE training sessions are on in Brisbane on 16th and 17th September, 2020.

Our Brisbane venue has a COVID-safe plan and we are able to offer in-person training for those able to travel.

Following the success of our recent virtual training, we are also pleased to offer a virtual option for these sessions for those who are not able (or would prefer not to) attend in person.

As a COVID safe venue, in-person places are strictly limited so book your spot early to avoid missing out!

To ensure a wholly interactive session, there are overall attendance caps in place.

Bookings and pricing/session details are available on the Training page.

The sessions will be facilitated Trent Laves.

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