Technical Specifications

waterRIDE Classic

Operating System
(Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012+)
2GHz + 
4GB +  


HTML5 compatible browser

Supported Flood Models

Models currently supported include (both 1D and 2D): TUFLOW, TUFLOW FV, MIKE11/21/FLOOD/SHE/URBAN, RMA2, RMA10, RMA11, InfoWorks ICM and RS, ISIS, SOBEK, DELFT 3D, FLS, SELFE, RiverFlow 2D, time-varying ASCII grid output, HEC-RAS, HEC-RAS 2D, 3Di, XP-STORM, EXTRAN (XP-SWMM), ESTRY, ANUGA, ICPR, and even hard copy results.

Supported GIS Datasets

waterRIDE uses GDAL ( to provide support the vast majority of vector and raster GIS datasets available.

User Manual

The waterRIDE users manual can be downloaded from here or accessed online here.

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