Version History

waterRIDE FLOOD (Manager, Viewer, DATA Manager, CLOUD)

FLOOD Manager v10.0.98
 - New Features:
 - [FLOOD REPORTS] - Added flood reports viewer (*.xlsx, *.xls, *.csv)
 - [AR&R ENSEMBLE HYDRAULICS] - Added tool to spatially merge multiple model runs for a catchment into a composite, time varying single layer (ie allow flow extraction)

 - [FORECAST METADATA] - Added additional metadata to forecast flood surface cfg file
 - [GOOGLE STREETVIEW] - Enabled display of StreetView image even if no water surface in view
 - [GOOGLE STREETVIEW] - Display Google Error message if encountered
 - [XYZ IMAGE SERVERS] - Added (c) for copyright symbol in background imagery attributions
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Multi-gauge interpolation can be used with one primary gauge (ZoI must exist)
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Added specification of 1D node elevation adjustment for QuadTree (this is automatic in TUFLOW Classic)
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Support for grid (wrr) output option for QuadTree (smallest cell size used for all cells)
 - [FLOOD REPORTS] - Can now view from forecast publish page
 - [CORRUPT ESRI FILEGEODATABASE INDEXES] - Added warning for presence of *.sbx files in GDB folder that GDAL may have problems with.
 - [INTERNET BASED IMAGERY] - Improved animation performance
 - [IMAGE GALLERY] - Improved display quality of images
 - [FASTBAR] - Loading Profile/Time/Flow Points from external files now uses any selected surfaces on FASTBAR
 - [DHI FLEXI MESH CONVERSION] - Added minimum depth conversion setting (default = 0.001m)
 - [COMPOSITE LAYERS] - Added ability to animate layers containing surfaces with different timesteps/durations
 - [PIPE LAYERS] - Added ability to display multiple parameters for all pipes/links in map window
 - [CLIPPING] - Clipping of one grid to the extents of another now supports different extent/cell size source grid
 - [PLOT FIGURES] - Added support for displaying temporary markers on plot (keypoints, flow lines, profile locations etc) 
 - [PLOT FIGURES] - Added support for including water surface metadata in plot templates 
 - [THEMATIC GIS POLYGONS] - Ensure polygon labels continue to display when zooming in

 Bug Fixes:
 - [GAUGE LAYERS] - Fixed thematic mapping of river level gauges
 - [wrXY EXPORT] - Improved tolerance in LAT/LONG conversion
 - [VERTICAL DATUM ADJUSTMENT] - Fixed range check error in some circumstances
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Fixed range check error when converting QuadTree with 1D parts
 - [DHI FLEXI MESH CONVERSION] - Automatically override model-wide 0.0 terrain data with calculated terrain (level - depth)
 - [RST LAYERS] - Fixed display of integer and byte grids when using rapid reproject
 - [LINKS WINDOW CHARTS] - Fixed vertical axis scaling when Y-values are constant [XYZ TILE SERVERS] - Added d

FLOOD Manager v10.0.95
New Features:
- [XYZ TILE SERVERS] - Added direct support for XYZ tile image servers
 - [GOOGLE MAPS] - Added support for Google API based background mapping
 - [BING MAPS] - Added tool to create BING maps configuration file
 - [BING MAPS] - Added ability to specify map type (Road, Aerial, AerialWithLabels, RoadLight)
 - [DAM FAILURE ANALYSIS] - Added people/properties at risk calculation tool
 - [DAM FAILURE ANALYSIS] - linked to rate of rise tool
 - [DAM FAILURE ANALYSIS] - Added dam failure travel time analysis tool
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to upload/append (cloud only) a GIS layer of proposed building footprints
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added support for user drawn polygon (instead of property boundary)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to specify global "N/A" text
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to toggle "N/A" on graphics when KeyPoints do not have a valid value
 - [wrXY EXPORT] - Added ability to export wrXY file formats for waterRIDE LITE
 - [LOCK PROJECTS] - Added ability to prevent projects being overwritten
 - [ENTERPRISE MAPS KEYS] - Added ability to specify global maps API keys (eg BING, GOOGLE) in enterprise settings
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Added detection of velocity direction grid when converting GIS max grids (needed for velocity vectors)
 - [EXPORT TO VERTICAL MAPPER] - Added exporting to vertical mapper (MapInfo) grid format (*.grd)

 - [LOCATION OF MIN/MAX] - Added ability to treat polyline segments as individual lines
 - [WEB TILE SERVERS] - Local disk caching of tiles supported to enhance performance
 - [CLEANING WRB FILES] - Added option to leave TIN network intact (no clipping)
 - [PROPERTY TAGGING] - Added option for absolute area test
 - [COMPOSITE FILES] - Added ability to specify #Maximums for interrogation
 - [EXTRAPOLATE] - Streamline form layout
 - [EXTRAPOLATE] - Keep track of surface probabilities/ARI
 - [EXPORT GIS POLYGONS] - Enabled option for STRICT ordering of polygons and holes (vs the faster STANDARD method)
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Added ability to build pyramids as part of conversion process
 - [PYRAMIDS] - Added support for building pyramids using composite (wrc) layers
 - [waterRIDE CLOUD] - Added new user role "Power User"
 - [COMPOSITE LAYERS WRC] - Added ability to export contours and extents to a single GIS layer
 - [INTERPOLATION] - Strict use of DELVAL where lower surface is DELVAL
 - [EXTRAPOLATE] - Allowed use of ARI less than 1 (eg 0.083 for 1 month)
 - [EXTRAPOLATE] - Use strict ARI/AEP formulas

 Bug Fixes:
 - [AVI RECORDING] - Fixed display of time series or profile plots in AVI
 - [WRC FLOW PLOTS] - Fixed display of composite file flow plots
 - [NZ METSERVICE GRIDS] - Fixed location issue. NZTM is now standard grid projection.
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed issue with ImageToggle projections if default layer in different projection to property layer
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATE] - Fixed issue with non-default KeyPoints when running multiple certificates
 - [SPLIT VIEW] - Fixed pan smoothness on Cloud
 - [LINKS WINDOW] - Fixed display for flow at a single timestep
 - [STRETCH TO EXTENTS OF ANOTHER LAYER] - Fixed lateral stretch issue in interim beta versions
 - [TUFLOW PIPES] - Fixed reading of CSV's containing NaN's
 - [GAG LAYERS] - Fixed coordinate range when only one gauge in the layer
 - [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed removal of trailing comma in GIS/GIS integration
 - [WBNM CONVERSION] - Fixed support for additional comments in OUT file when generated by iWBNM.xlsx
 - [TILE MAP SERVERS] - Included tighter timeout for connection and response

 New Features:
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added support for displaying flow lines on images
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added support for including flow values in keypoint tables
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to define certficate template using polygons in a GIS layer
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Rainfall grids now use DisplayName (from CFG2 file) in forecast interface, if available
 - [IMAGE GALLERY] - Added ability to display a folder of images as an Image Gallery in the Links Window
 - [BING MAPS] - Added support for BING Maps (users will need to obtain a BING maps API key from Microsoft)
 - [OPEN STREET MAPS] - Added configuration file for classic WMS support (refer here
- [OPEN STREET MAPS] - Added support for Open Street Maps tile server (currently waterRIDE CLOUD users only)
 - [RAPID REPROJECTION] - Fast "on the fly" reprojection of grids
 - [waterRIDE CLOUD 2FA] - Added ability to set periodic 2FA login requirements (eg once a week)
 - [REPORTING] - Added wildcard (*) to include all fields from the GIS layer in the report, even if they change regularly
 - [TIME SERIES PLOT] - Allow plotting of hyetograph when Cumulative Rain active
 - [SAVE/LOAD POINTS] - Implemented new points file structure
 - [FLOW PLOTS] - Peak flow value now displayed next to flow section
 - [DISCLAIMER] - Added support for multiple lines in a disclaimer using CSV text ("Line 1","Line 2" etc)
 - [WRC WARNING] - Removed warning message if timesteps do not match in a wrc. Only peaks will be available.
 - [EXTRACT OUTLINE] - Improved tool to batch extract the outline of multiple surfaces at once (ideal for creating spatially-based master projects)
 - [NZ MET SERVICE] - Enhanced support for latest forecast rainfall netCDF format

 Bug Fixes:
 - [REPLACE LAYERS] - Fixed filter for ImageToggle Layer
 - [FLOW PLOTS] - Where multiple flow sections have been defined, all are now displayed on the map window
 - [PROJECT TEMPLATES] - Fixed setting of default terrain/water level contour settings for automatic adjustment
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed text size scaling on graphics (all elements should reproduce on screen size relativity)
 - [DISPLAY STYLES] - Fixed initial font settings when editing highlight/display font styles
 - [HEC-RAS 2D] - Fixed conversion of results when not all model parts are available
 - [VELOCITY VECTORS] - Fixed display of vectors for reprojected water surface
 - [LINK TO GAUGE LEVEL] - Fixed use of peaks only datasets
 - [DRAPE AND MERGE] - Fixed range check error when draping TIN's onto infinite grids (>100,000,000 cells)

 New Features:
 - [3Di IMPORT] - Added support for 3Di model results
 - [SURFACE ENVELOPE] - Added alternative approach to creating a single parameter seamless envelope across multiple surfaces with different cell size and extents
 - [WEB FEATURE SURFACE (WFS)] - Added support for Web Feature Surface (set lines to none and use with WMS for best performance)
 - [WEB LICENSE SERVER] - Added option to access web license server instead of on-prem license server
 - [BACKGROUND IMAGE TOGGLE] - Added support for new composite layer "Image Toggle Layer" for quickly changing background imagery (eg Aerials vs StreetMap)
 - [BOOT USER] - Added ability for Admins to "boot" a user on waterRIDE CLOUD
 - [PIPE LAYERS] - Added support for metadata in Pipe layers (wrp)
 - [WETTED PERIMETER] - Added ability to process any building footprints layer WITHOUT needing the NRD points dataset
 - [BATCH SCRIPTING] - Added additional capability
 - [GIS INTELLIGENCE] - Forced grid max/min to also include polygon perimeter for grids (wrr)
 - [GIS LAYER CONVERSION] - Added support for converting GIS layers to CSV (including any 3D points)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added support for nesting {tags} within in a Text tag
 - [CATCHMENT TOOLS] - Terrain automatically extracted from wrr files to create processing binary (rst) grid
 - [FORECASTING AUDIT LOGS] - Moved logging toggle to forecast landing page
 - [FORECASTING AUDIT LOGS] - Forced regular flushing of log file cache
 - [FORECASTING AUDIT LOGS] - Improved access to historical logs
 - [FORECASTING RAINFALL SETTINGS] - Added ability to load "last run" parameters for real-time hydrology runs
 - [FORECASTING GAUGES] - Addd ability to specify initial gauge window (eg last 7 days)
 - [FORECASTING] - Added access to toggle appending of RainFields3 QPE datasets (radar rainfall)
 - [ENTERPRISE PROJECTS] - Allowed a project in the Central Projects list to be opened by passing project name as an argument
 - [ENSEMBLE ENVELOPES] - Tool moved to Processing panel
 - [GDAL OBJECTS] - Added support for Surfaces and MultiSurfaces
 - [COMPOSITE LAYER CREATION] - Improved form for building composite layers
 - [COMPOSITE LAYER IMAGES] - Added ability to have multiple image servers within an APS layer
 - [WEB MAP SERVICE] - Added option for filtering layer list
 - [ONLINE ADDRESS SERVICE] - Added support for including server projection (default still WGS 84 Lat/Long)
 - [BOM FORECAST RAINFALL GRIDS] - Standardised reading of file parameters to accommodate ad-hoc changes by BoM
 - [FLOOD REPORTS] - Added support for using * to select all fields
 - [ACTIVE LAYER HIGHLIGHT] - Added support for changing modes (none, highlight, all) from the FASTBAR
 - [FLOW CROSS SECTIONS] - Now display the flow value next to the line
 - [FLOOD REPORTS] - Added ability to save counts for sub-reports to master GIS layer
 - [SURFACE PYRAMIDS] - Enabled use of pyramids for rotated or re-projected grids
 Bug Fixes:
 - [DEFAULT MASTER PROJECT] - Fixed enabling/populating Central List button when default master project specified
 - [AUTO VIEW LOCK] - Fixed rare issue where projection set for view but for any layers
 - [WMS/WMTS] - Added ability to detect whether projection system uses YX coordinates instead of XY
 - [WMTS] - Fixed integer overflow for very large coverages
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - GIS layer overlap now returns unique field values only
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed projections management for some keyword types
 - [MIF CONVERSION] - Allow conversion of MIF files to non-SHP formats
 - [GIS INTELLIGENCE] - Forced new field values to -9999.9 in case only a subset is being processed (eg visible, within polygon etc)
 - [GIS LABELS] - Fixed display of DELVAL (-9999.9) when highlighting GIS field values - set to 'na'
 - [GIS LABELS] - Fixed setting of decimal places for display of "all values" for non SHP/MIF GIS layers (ie GDAL layers)
 - [GIS LABELS] - Fixed font size/style specification for "on highlight"
 - [ONLINE ADDRESS SEARCH] - Fixed searching using the dropdown "online address search"
 - [CLOUD FILE EXPLORER] - Fixed display of file date/times in location settings (was UTC)
 - [DATABASE GIS LAYER COLLECTION] - Fixed erroneous error message
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Fixed manual setting of gauge level for last gauge in list.
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Fixed reference gauges not being cleared when opening new forecasting projects
 - [GIS LAYER CONVERSION] - Will not convert a layer if destination file is in usev10.0.80 

New Features:
 - [ENTERPRISE MASTER PROJECT] - Added ability to specify one of the central projects as a master project that can be loaded via the HOME button or app startup
 - [ENTERPRISE SUB-MENU] - Added ability to group Central Projects using sub-menus
 - [ENTERPRISE HOME BUTTON] - Added HOME button to mainform to load default project in Enterprise mode
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Added ability to open FORECAST Console from the run forecast tab
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Added ability to pause FORECAST Console automated tasks from the forecasting page in Manager
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Added "soft lock" to official forecasting projects
 - [GAUGE LAYERS] - Added ability to trim gauge record
 - [CLOUD FILE EXPLORER] - Added file explorer utility to waterRIDE CLOUD interface
 - [BING ADDRESS SEARCHING] - Added built-in support for BING address searches (added as BING address server)
 - [ONLINE HELP] - Manual is now available as online site (in addition to PDF)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added water surface-based calculation fields (volume, inflow, outflow, inundated area)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to create a list of all hazards that affect a property
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to prepare a single certificate using multiple parcels (eg lot consolidation)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to check adjacency for GIS field values
 - [MIKE11 CONVERSION] - Added support for Link-Node conversion of MIKE11 results (*.res11) inside Manager
 - [LINK-NODE MODELS] - Addd support for node based Velocity, VxD and Hazard
 - [SUPPORT: FILE UPLOADS] - Added ability to upload datasets to accompany support requests
 - [GIS INTELLIGENCE] - Added ability to run "below ground" analysis when integrating with levels in a GIS layer
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING - RORB] - Added support for entering initial water levels for multiple storages (previously only one storage)
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING - RAFTS] - Added the ability to stop a real-time RAFTS hydrology run mid-execution
 - [STRETCHING BY CYCLES] - Added ability to stretch infinite grids using disk based techniques (SSD drive recommended)
 - [waterRIDE CLOUD] - Added ability to explicitly specify projects that a user can open
 - [LINKING PIPES TO 2D SURFACE] - Added ability to link wrp to wrr/wrb from Setup->Composite->Water Surfaces
 - [PROJECT TEMPLATE SCRIPTS] - "Dummy" layers only need filename in script, not relative path
 - [TUFLOW MAX GRIDS] - Added support for importing max grids saved as FLT files
 - [METADATA ENTRY] - Individual surfaces within a composite layer (WRC) can have their metadata edited using the composite layer
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to select properties from any view
 - [COPY VIEW SETTINGS] - Added option for copying the current view projection to selected other views
 - [LINKING] - Added direct auto link to load a file using relative/full pathing in a field in a GIS layer
 - [COMPOSITE LAYERS] - Added source layer for active value when inspecting all values for a composite water surface (WRC)
 - [SURFACE STRETCHING] - Added abiloty to cascade stretch one surface to the extents of another (used in flood forecasting and statistical analysis)
 - [LAYER INFO] - Added list of child layers in an airphoto set (*.aps)
 - [netCDFv4] - Added support for latest netCDF libraries (add the netCDF_v4 foler to your Common folder from
 Bug Fixes:
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed running certificates in batches from GDAL-based cadastre (eg TAB, File Geodatabase etc)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed issue with dynamic thematic range rescaling when water surface not active (ignore)
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed issue with dynamic thematic range rescaling when min/max variance low
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed multiple clicks on process certs
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed intermittent incomplete drawing of some certificate images
 - [OPEN FILE DIALOG] - Added GAG layers to "all supported files" list
 - [BoM RAINFIELDS3] - Fixed conversion location
 - [MIKE URBAN PRF FILES] - Fixed end of file issue when importing the latest version PRF files
 - [ADD LAYERS FORM] - Fixed bug on some machines where main window moved behind another application
 - [TUFLOW PIPES] - Fixed auto-detection of _TS.SHP files
 - [SCREEN LIVE DISPLAY] - Fixed display value when using pyramids. Occasionally out of sync.
 - [EXPORT TO RASTER GIS] - Fixed toggling of wet/dry surface export for infinite grid (or pyramidded) surfaces
 - [CUSTOM THEMATIC RANGES] - Fixed setting of "over range colour"

  New Features:
 - [CLOUD DOWNLOADS] - Added option to email files rather than download
 - [BoM SOIL MOISTURE] - Added support for BoM's AWRA-L soil moisture grids (root zone)
 - [PROJECTION CONVERSION] - Added full resampling conversion for grids (WRR)

 - [GAUGE LAYERS] - Speed improvements loading and working with gauge data
 - [GAUGE LAYERS] - When creating a new GAG layer, the source of gauge information can be another GAG layer
 - [FLOOD FORECASTING] - Added ability to specify whether ASCII or Binary grids are published
 - [WEB MAP SERVICE] - Enhanced quality of image for pixel-contrained WMS servers

 Bug Fixes:
 - [ENVIROMON REPORT READING] - Fixed reading of latest timestep when data 'aligned to timestep'
 - [ONLINE ADDRESS SERVERS] - Fixed setting of default server for all configuration options
 - [ADJUST WATER SURFACE VALUES] - Fixed operation on multiple surfaces
 - [GIS INTELLIGENCE] - Fixed occasional TAB file corruption when adding new fields without exclusive access to TAB file
 - [CLOUD OPEN DIALOG] - Fixed initial pathing reset issue
 - [WMS LAYERS] - Fixed rapid redraw issue when multiple WMS connections are used in a view
 - [FLOOD REPORTS] - Fixed sheet names in XLSX files
 - [FLOOD REPORTS] - Fixed Master and Detail reports object collection
 - [HEC-RAS 2D] - Fixed velocity conversion for orthogonal grids
 - [CLEANING LARGE GRIDS] - Fixed memory issues when cleaning large grids

 New Features: 
 - [SURFACE STRETCHING] - Added new routine to stretch over "unwet" cells using the water surface gradient of a larger surface (eg PMF to stretch the 100yr planning level)
 - [BoM 15 MINUTE GAUGE DATA] - Added ability to import BoM gauge data in HCS format 
 - [TUFLOW MAX GRIDS] - Added ability to detect and apply (even if not installed) which TUFLOW hazards were used 
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Added ability to read raw TUFLOW results with no time series results (ie peaks only) 
 - [FLOOD INTELLIGENCE] - Improved speed of routine 
 - [GAUGE LAYERS] - Added manual refresh button for gauge data if new data is available 
 Bug Fixes: 
 - [FLOOD INTELLIGENCE] - Auto force Grid based integration to perimeter for polyline objects 
 - [FLOOD INTELLIGENCE] - Fixed marking of ShapeFiles as MultiPatch 
 - [TUFLOW MAX GRIDS] - Fixed display of hazards selection list when batch processing max grids (ASC) 
 - [RECORD ANIMATION] - Fixed missing menu item 
 - [BRANCH PASTING] - Expanded error logic in branch pasting 
 - [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed clearing of output filename format box 
 - [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Fixed concurrent generation of certificates from the one template 
 - [GAUGE LAYERS] - Fixed "clear existing data" when adding data to an existing gauge layer 
 - [PACK N' GO] - Fixed copying of files exclusively locked by other applications 

 New Features:
 - [IMAGE LAYERS] - Added ability to adjust image transparency/visibility
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to dynamically rescale thematic mapping on view output
 - [waterRIDE CLOUD] - Enhanced user management form
 - [STARTUP MODES] - Added ability to open directly in a specific mode from windows shortcut (/MANAGER /DATAMANAGER /VIEWER)
 - [PROJECT LOAD ERRORS] - Enhanced error message(s) when errors encountered opening a project
 - [GIS LAYERS] - Element labels are now drawn after all objects have been drawn, ensuring text legibility
 - [PALETTE EDITING] - Added ability to toggle "used" cell numbering for specific colour changes when using a full palette range
 - [BATCH PROCESSING] - Added specification of "terrain or depth" in ASCII grid conversion
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Enhanced processing performance
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Improved setup form
 - [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] - Added ability to control legend width (in addition to height)
 - [IMAGE LAYERS] - Improved redraw speed when only repainting
 - [METADATA] - Improved metadata form
 - [GIS REPORT SPEED] - Improved speed of report creation for direct reports (no polygon sub-grouping)
 - [EXTRACT PEAKS] - Added ability to bulk extract WRB peaks to ASCII/Binary grids
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Improved conversion form workflow
 - [ADVANCED SEARCHING] - Added ability to save found records as CSV/XLS list
 Bug Fixes:
 - [GIS LAYER DISPLAY TEXT] - Fixed setting of decimal places for numeric fields
 - [DRAPING TINs] - Fixed location for storage of temporary index files when draping TINs
 - [TUFLOW PEAK GIS GRID CONVERSION] - Fixed recognition of non-numeric hazard files (eg ZAEM1)
 - [TUFLOW CONVERSION] - Fixed 1D pipes conversion
 - [GIS LAYER] - Fixed projection conversion of MIF/SHP files
 - [PACK N GO] - Fixed locating MapInfo TAB companion files
 - [PACK N GO] - Fixed collection of composite file children
 - [PACK N GO] - Fixed repathing of filenames with common elements
 - [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] - Fixed conversion issues
 - [CLIPPING] - Fixed saving of hazards when clipping a WRR file
 - [REPORT FIGURE] - Fixed setting of view extents when exporting using current view extents
 - [LAYER DISPLAY SETTINGS] - Fixed occasional glitch in thematic range update if OK clicked immediately after changing range values
 - [waterRIDE CLOUD] - Fixed display order issue for some message boxes
 - [UPDATE TERRAIN VALUES] - Fixed update of WRR using WRB
 - [ADVANCED SEARCHING] - Fixed display/selection of matching records

New Features:
– [ENTERPRISE ONLINE ADDRESS SERVERS] – Added ability to configure online address servers in Enterprise settings
– [ENTERPRISE REPORT FIGURE TEMPLATES] – Added ability to set centralised Report Figure Templates in Enterprise settings
– [VIEWER MODE] – Added button for changing active layer display styles to Interrogate Panel
– [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – Added support for automatic stitching of 1D reaches to 2D zones
– [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – Added support for automatic 1D junction triangulation
– [GDA2020] – Added support for GDA2020 projection
– [SEARCHING] – Added Online Address Server search to search button dropdown if configured
– [EXPORT PEAKS] – Exporting peaks to ASCII grids now allows user specification of decimal places
– [SURFACE TOOL SWITCHING] – streamlined surface tool switching
– [INTERROGATE – TOOL LAYOUT] – Tweaked tool positions to ensure consistency between panels
– [KEYPOINTS] – Added dropdown to select KeyPoints removal mode (all, one by one)
– [DEM BUILDER] – Added support for using ASCII grids as source tiles
– [SPLIT VIEW] – Added ability to save split view as an image
– [VIEWER MODE] – Cleaned up menus/panels to match Viewer mode capability
– [POLYLINE LABELS] – Label position is now the midpoint of all visible line segments
– [GIS INTELLIGENCE] – GIS reference fields will be used “as is” unless given DELVAL
– [REPORT FIGURES] – Added ability to include active surface metadata tags in template
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Improved batch certificate creation speed
Bug Fixes:
– [INFOWORKS ICM PIPES] – Fixed issue with unused nodes in results
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Fixed adding KeyPoints from certificates form
– [GDAL LAYERS] – Fixed display of field values on info tool
– [ANUGA] – Fixed ANUGA timestep value during conversion
– [ASCII GRID RESULTS] – Fixed conversion from ASCII gridded results sets
– [COPY/PASTE VIEW] – Fixed left click between copy and paste resetting the copy
– [SHP FILE] – Fixed mouseover highlight inconsistencies
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed naming of “-max” composite files
– [EXPORT ASCII GRID] – Fixed exporting ASC from rotated grids
– [GIS INTELLIGENCE] – Fixed integration when a surface on which a query has been executed is used in non-query intelligence
– [INTERFACE FEEDBACK] – Clarified some button feedback
– [GIS DRAWING] – ESCAPE correctly cancels the current object when drawing but does not reset the tool mode
– [SHP INDEX FILES] – Added additional checks to locate writable user temp folders if needed when creating .qix index files
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Fixed collection of filenames for publishing reports if using MASTER report framework
– [PROPERTY TAGGING] – Corrected query value
– [GIS LAYER CONVERSION] – Fixed conversion of MIF to SHP
New Features:
– [ENTERPRISE HAZARDS] – Implemented cascading Enterprise hazards configuration
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to configure SearchBox for certificates creation form
– [INFOWORKS ICM PIPES] – Added support for InfoWorks ICM pipe flows (CSV results export – binary to come)
– [BULK CONVERSION] – Added ability to specify a common output folder if multiple files are being converted
– [COMPOSITE LAYERS] – Added ability for children in composite layers to have different projections to composite layer
– [LAYER INFO] – Added projection (and projections of composite file child layers) to layer info form
– [ENTERPRISE CONFIGURATION] – Added link to Hazards Manager
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to extract meta data from the surface causing the maximum level only (*.wrc) when surfaces overlap
– [CREATE GIS LAYER FORM CSV] – Enhanced workflow and feedback on form
Bug Fixes:
– [ANUGA CONVERSION] – Fixed batch conversion file naming
– [CATCHMENT TOOLS] – Fixed incorrect button assignment on pit removal tab
– [COMPOSITE LAYERS] – Fixed display when composite projection set but child projections not set
– [PROJECTIONS] – Fixed writing projection files (*.prjn) to disk
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed issue converting using “model grid” option
– [CFG(2) UPDATES] – Fixed update of CFG(2) files where only peaks results exist
– [HAZARDS] – Fixed reading of “shipped” hazards list
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Fixed display of house/linked photos if file extension stripped in vmini link entry
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Fixed reading of metadata from CFG for composite layers
– [UPDATE PEAK VALUES] – Fixed adjustment of absolute min/max values
– [RESET] – Fixed reset to default extents
New Features:
– [QUICKSTART DASHBOARD] – Disable recent/central list project files that cannot be found
– [QUICKSTART DASHBOARD] – Display configured DATA Manager/Central lists even if not reachable
– [GRID CONVERSIONS] – Added tool for removing selected grids from list
– [USER MANUAL] – Updated various chapters
– [BINARY GRIDS] – Improved draw speed of Binary Grids (*.rst)
Bug Fixes:
– [GIS INTELLIGENCE] – Fixed text label in RUN group on INTERROGATE Live Panel
– [INFO MODE] – Fixed direct setting of info mode when switching from some tools
– [TIME SERIES PLOT] – Fixed time series plot for “non-flood” datasets
– [GAUGE LAYER] – Fixed hyetograph display when IFD tables configured
– [GAUGE LAYER] – Fixed water level gauge default plot ranges
– [PROJECT FILES] – Fixed “error setting up and creating views” issue when loading a converted (to 10) v8 project file with active GIS field highlighting
– [INFINITE GRID SETTING] – Fixed issue setting default infinite grid to 0 (potentially VERY slow loading of grids over a network)
– [SHP FILES] – Fixed using SHP files where located in READ-ONLY folder (new QIX index created in users temp folder if needed)
– [TUFLOW XMDF] – Added missing DLLs to common folder needed to convert XMDF files (Zlib.dll, Zlib1.dll and Zlibdll.dll)
– [INTERFACE TOOLS] – Fixed bug not displaying surface tools when a water surface is first made active
– [EXPORT PEAK GRIDS] – Fixed “export all items”
– [LICENSE SERVER] – Fixed some issues with the license server
– [MULTI POINT INTERROGATION] – Multi point info mode not showing values for points after the first run
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – TUFLOW conversion Max files overwriting the timeseries when only a single 2D mesh
– [FORECASTING SETUP] – Fixed button linkage for some option panels
– [ZOOM OUT FLICKER] – Fixed zoomn out screen flicker (rare)
– [SCREEN DPI] – Fixed high DPI screen scaling interface inconsistencies
– [INFO MODE STATUS] – Fixed info mode button status
– [USER MANUAL] – Updated forecasting chapter images
New Features:
– [v10 STYLE] – Major overhaul of interface to new waterRIDE 10 style and flow – see v8 to 10 transition guide
– [one waterRIDE] – Single exe for Viewer/Manager/DATA Manager
– [DATA Manager] – Added DATA Manager module (license required)
– [ENTERPRISE CONFIGURATION] – Added ability to confogure waterRIDE at centralised, enterprise level
– [EXPORT FIGURES] – Added ability to export the current view to a Word template to control formatting/layout
– [EXPORT FIGURES] – Added ability to export multiple views
– [EXPORT FIGURES] – Added ability to define mutliple views using a GIS layer of polygons
– [DEM BUILDER] – Added tool for building/editing DEM’s from multiple source surfaces
– [MODELLER – STAGE VS STORAGE] – Added tool for calculating stage vs storage and saving as CSV
– [MODELLER – DEM DATA EXTRACTION] – Extract cross sections from DEM and saving as CSV, ready for modelling
– [MODELLER – CATCHMENT TOOLS] – Added tools for DEM based catchment analysis: Flow paths, Strahler order, Catchment to a point
– [VIEW ATTRIBUTES] – View contents can now be accessed by double clicking view name
– [FASTBAR] – Added fastbar for access to: multiple surface interrogation, quick view toggles
– [VIEW COMPARISON] – Incorporated support for split view (side by side) comparison
– [FLOOD RISK MANAGER] – Included support for creating Risk Surfaces: Hazard + Probability
– [ENSEMBLE PROCESSING] – Ensemble hydraulic model envelope processing
– [BoM DATA] – Added support for BoM RAINFIELDS3 rainfall products
– [BoM DATA] – Ensemble data now converts as: MEAN, UPPER (10%), and LOWER (90%) bounds
– [BoM DATA] – Added support for PME v3 forecast rainfall grids
– [EXTRAPOLATION] – Added hydraulic surface extrapolation tool
– [BATCH PROCESSING] – Implemented framework for batch processing/scripting. More processes will be added in future releases.
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added ability to specify whether full time series should be converted or only TUFLOW peaks
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added ability to convert results on “model grid” or “nodal grid” (normal)
– [INFINITE GRID] – Added support for hillshade
– [WMS SETUP] – Integrated enhanced projection support
– [CHANGE HAZARDS] – Added ability to change hazards for a “peaks only” file using Peak V and Peak D – with suitable warning.
– [FLOW TOOL] – Added option to toggle manual mode (draw cross section) or auto mode (point based auto section)
– [GIS INTELLIGENCE] – Streamlined “Grid+Max” for TIN files
– [ZOOM LOCK] – Added new “automatic” mode
– [GIS LAYERS – GDAL] – Layers now default to read only mode. Edit mode invoked when needed.
– [SHP FILES] – Improved speed of working with SHP layers
– [WRB FILES] – Improved speed of working with WRB layers
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added support for {tags} within text tags
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to specify “round up” in surface values
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Included support for RORB storages
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to setup real-time hydrology and dam outflow interpolation in single project
– [HOUSE PHOTOS] – Added support for including multiple flood levels on property images
– [HOUSE PHOTOS] – Added support for setting line and text colours
– [ANIMATION CONTROL] – Significant incease in animation speed – track bar on time tools panel to slow animation down (as needed)
– [IMAGE DISPLAY] – Enhanced quality of image drawing routines
– [JPG OVERVIEWS] – Overview files are now created automatically when JPG’s (aerial imagery) added to project
– [LAYER INFO] – Layer info can now be accessed by right clicking on layer in view contents list
– [GIS FIELD VALUE EDITING] – Added ability to round/round up numeric field values
– [RAINFALL PEAK BURST] – Fixed slow calculation speed
– [COMPOSITE LAYERS] – QAdded ability to export ASCII/Binary grids
– [BoM PME RAINFALL GRIDS] – Added support for v3 PME files
– [DWG FILES] – Added support for AutoCAD DWG files (via Database GIS Connection)
– [GEOPACKAGE] – Added support for GeoPackage (*.gpkg) vector layers
– [TRANSITION] – Added inverse distance weighted transitioning
– [BoM DATA] – Removed support for legacy RAINFIELDS2 datasets – NowCAST, QPF, RADAR
– [STRETCHING] – Added new stretching approaches
Bug Fixes:
– [WRB ONTO WRR DRAPING/MAPPING] – Fixed range check error when draping TIN’s onto infinite grids
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed support for inconsistent formatting in RAFTS storm DAT files
– [TAB FILES] – Fixed TAB file exclusive lock issue. Lock only invoked when editing.
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed relative pathing of default output folder
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Pathing of property GIS layer ignored
– [GAG LAYERS] – Fixed stacking of water level plots where subsequent gag layers have a smaller number of timesteps to initial
– [FLOOD FORECASTING RORB] – Fixed setting for distrinbuted rain in RORB storm files
– [GAG LAYER] – Fixed integer overflow when extracting interpolated hyetograph using surrounding gauges (rain surface plot)
– [INFOWORKS] – Fixed 1D water level issue in some triangulations
– [DXF TIN DEM] – Fixed collapsing nodes to ensure continuous surface
New Features:
– [GEOPACKAGE] – Added support for GeoPackage (*.gpkg) vector layers
– [USB DONGLE DRIVERS] – Updated support for latest dongle drivers
– [CHANGE HAZARDS] – Added ability to change hazards for a “peaks only” file using Peak V and Peak D – with suitable warning.
– [GIS INTELLIGENCE] – Streamlined “Grid Max” for TIN files
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added support for {tags} within text tags
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Included support for RORB storages
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to setup real-time hydrology and dam outflow interpolation in single project
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Now use linear interpolation for rating curves (vs Cosine previously)
– [RAINFALL PEAK BURST] – Fixed slow calculation speed
Bug Fixes:
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed acceptance of ill-formatted RAFTS hydrology model files
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed time basis for gridded rain
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Suspend auto update of GAG layers in TRAINING/ANALYSE mode even if auto update set to true
– [GAG LAYERS] – Fixed plotting of points on rainfall IFD chart
– [GAG LAYERS] – Fixed calculation of rainfall ARI
– [MAPPING TO DTM] – Fixed getting maximums when combining surfaces using “thorough” option
– [WRB ONTO WRR DRAPING/MAPPING] – Fixed range check error when draping TIN’s onto infinite grids
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed support for inconsistent formatting in RAFTS storm DAT files
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed setting for distributed rain in RORB storm files
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed relative pathing of default output folder
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Pathing of property GIS layer no longer used – filename only
– [GAG LAYERS] – Fixed stacking of water level plots where subsequent gag layers have a smaller number of timesteps to initial
– [GAG LAYER] – Fixed integer overflow when extracting interpolated hyetograph using surrounding gauges (rain surface plot)
– [GAG LAYER] – Fixed lag when working with GAG layers with a very large number of timesteps
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Grid size used in surface min/max/avg now displayed (read only) for wrr files
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to interrogate areas of lot where water surfaces are below ground (ie include dry areas)
– [GIS-SURFACE INTEGRATION] – Added ability to interrogate water surfaces below ground (ie dry)
Bug Fixes:
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed calculation fields starting from 0.0
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed display of standard linked photos
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed reset of active view once certificates generated
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed range check error when a referenced water surface not in project
New Features:
– [H1-H6 HAZARDS] – Added ability to convert hazards for an existing waterRIDE PEAKS surface to H1-H6 (ARR) Hazards by D,V and VxD direct lookup
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to run calculations on field values (add, multiply, min, max)
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to control output file naming format
– [LINK TO GAUGE LEVEL] – Added ability to determine equivalent peak gauge level at which facilities are inundated
– [INSPECTION POINTS] – Added ability to save inspection points as GIS layer with hydraulic data as fields (right click on links window table)
– [RATES OF RISE ANALYSIS] – Added ability to calculate “Time To Rise XXm” once inundatation first occurs
– [KML/KMZ MULTILAYER] – Added access to specific layer in multi-layer KML/KMZ using Database Vector Layer connection form
– [EXPORT VIEW] – Implemented selectable tree view for batch view exporting
– [NORTH ARROW/ SCALE BAR] – Adjusted default style
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Enhanced button feedback from forecast method buttons on main forecasting page
– [WBNM REAL-TIME HYDROLOGY] – Added aupport for WBNM 2017 formatted input files
– [RAFTS REAL-TIME HYDROLOGY] – Added support for entering initial basin water levels
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Prompt user if user entry data left blank
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to open first certificate created automatically
Bug Fixes:
– [GRID CONVERSION] – Fixed conversion of very large ASCII grids to Binary File (RST)
– [RESIZE TOOLBAR] – Fixed view adjustment when resizing the toolbar
– [ADVANCED SEARCH] – Fixed opening form error
– [TUFLOW PIPES] – Fixed error message when pipes GIS layer contains more objects than in results files
– [PIPES LAYERS] – Fixed auto-specification of DateTime vs Elapsed Hours time basis
– [RECENT PROJECTS MENU] – Fixed loading projects from File->Recent Projects list
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Can now select and edit a key by clicking either column in grid
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Fixed error in overlpapping polygon detection
– [GIS INTEGRATION] – Fixed time based integration calcuations when using a layer with actual start date
– [GIS INTEGRATION] – Fixed freeboard to level calcuations
– [GIS INTEGRATION] – Fixed Inside/Outside polygon processing option
– [SURFACE SMOOTHING] – Fixed surface smoothing on surfaces with extensive below ground water levels
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Fixed reinitialising of interpolated layer for time series forecast
– [INSTANTANEOUS FLOW] – Fixed display of flow when changing from a timestep to peaks
– [PEAK ASCII GRID RESULTS] – Fixed out of memory error during conversion of very large results sets
– [NULLIFY] – Fixed bug when nullifying using complex polygons
– [SURFACE PYRAMIDS] – Fixed rare issue with velocity vectors causing range check error
New Features:
– [GIS LAYER FIELD VALUE ADJUSTMENT] – Added ability to adjust (add, multiply, set value, min and max) the numeric value in a field for all records
– [ADJUST TERRAIN VALUES] – Added ability to adjust (add, multiply, set value, min and max) the terrain value for any waterRIDE surface
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to manually update GAG layers with Stevens Institute gauge level script output files
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability for user to control whether GIS Integration scripts/Reports are run during a flood forecast
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to send email notifications when publishing
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to publish the forecast flood surface as a netCDF file
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to copy files to a folder for automatic upload using waterRIDE Forecast Console (added to publish page)
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added polygon rain editing panel when polygon rain GIS layer active in a view
– [WBNM CONVERSION] – Added support for WBNM 2017 outputs
– [DISCLAIMER] – Added ability to include disclaimer text on each view in a project
– [VERTICAL DATUM ADJUSTMENT] – Added utility to adjust vertical datum of waterRIDE surface(s) using LINZ adjustment layers (GIS layer)
– [VERTICAL DATUM ADJUSTMENT] – Added utility to adjust vertical datum of waterRIDE surface(s) using an adjustment grid
– [CREATE GIS FROM PHOTO GPS] – Added ability to create a GIS points layer using the GPS coordinates stored in a JPEG photo
– [HELP SYSTEM] – Decommissioned old style “Windows Help”. Default help is now PDF manual.
– [EXPORT VIEW] – Added A2, A3, and equivalent US paper sizes to list
– [CHART AXES] – Added month label to any dates on X axis of links window charts
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for WBNM Engine (2017) with improved run times
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for model output water level GAG for WBNM
– [GAUGE LAYERS] – Added ability to access “Load-Save Profile/Time Series Points” button on water surface toolbar
– [QUICK START MENU] – Added ability to adjust form width
– [LINKS WINDOW] – Added right-click menu for copying/exporting grid values
– [SEARCHBOX] – Added ability to configure which fields are displayed when mutliple records found
– [AUTO LINK GIS] – Can now select folder directly, rather than selecting a file within the desired folder
– [GRID CONVERSION] – Added support for *.ige and *.ers grids
– [PEAK ASCII GRID RESULTS] – Added ability to provide velocity direction (degrees) to conversion. TUFLOW direction convention used (angle measured clockwise from North)
– [PEAK ASCII GRDI RESULTS] – Added ability to calculate VxD and/or Hazard from peak depth and velocity grids, if these grids are not available
Bug Fixes:
– [CONSOLE GAUGE LAYER UPDATE SETTING] – Turned off update timer when closing a project
– [MIF/MID FILES] – Fixed SMALLINT field issue
– [FLOOD REPORT] – Fixed bug where flood report GIS layer does not exist
– [FLOOD REPORT] – Fixed combobox field values on form
– [ON THE FLY MAPPING] – Fixed bug in array initialisation during peaks mapping
– [ON THE FLY MAPPING] – Fixed profile plot “no data to graph” issue
– [SEARCHING] – Fixed search form not opening when no layer active in current view
– [PALETTE SETTINGS GIS LAYER] – Fixed range check error when GIS layer contains no category data fields
– [PROFILE PLOT] – Fixed flickering profile plot when moving mouse in links window
– [PROFILE PLOT] – Fixed bug when using very small grid spacing (<0.1m) causing a “no data to plot” message
– [BATCHED GIS INTEGRATION] – Fixed bug resetting hydraulic parameters when bulk processing GIS integration
– [RELOCATE LAYERS] – Provided warning message if “relocate to” layer already in project
– [JPEG AIR PHOTO FILES] – Fixed ommission of support for *.jpeg extension files
– [DRAG AND DROP FILES] – Fixed accepting files dragged from windows file explorer
– [ASCII GRID CONVERSION] – Force use of X-vel and Y-vel when converting, even if only Total Velocity grid available
New Features:
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Added support for multiple forecast rainfall grids in forecast project
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Added support for using gridded fallen rain as alternative to gauged rain
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Added ability to apply sensitivity directly to gauge levels for a manual forecast
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Added ability to query status of forecast input datasets (filedate, data content date range)
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Added ability to utilise lookup table (any parameter vs water level) to populate gauge levels
– [BOM NOWCAST GRIDDED RAIN] – Added support for NowCAST gridded rainfall products (including ensembles)
– [BOM RADAR GRIDDED RAIN] – Added support for RADAR based gridded rainfall products
– [BOM QPF GRIDDED RAIN] – Added support for QPF based gridded rainfall products (including ensembles)
– [WEATHERZONE GRIDDED RAIN] – Added support for WeatherZone gridded forecast and fallen rainfall products
– [HOUSE PHOTOS SETUP] – Added support for using two known levels in a photo
– [ABOUT BOX] – Added support to obtain latest version details from waterRIDE servers
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added support for converting a separate grid(s) from the TUFLOW maximums timestep (-99999)
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added support for nested grid conversion as wrr
– [SEARCH BOX] – Added ability (optional) to configure a toolbar SearchBox for any waterRIDE project (GIS layers or online address servers)
– [STORM TIDE FORECASTING] – Added ability to drive storm tide forecasting from a gauge layer
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added ability to add Sea Level Rise adjusment to selected library surface – Storm Tide forecasting system only
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Display rainfall accumulation for selected forecast rainfall grid
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added prompt to save any changes to certificate configuration
– [FLOOD DAMAGES CALCULATIONS] – Added ability to force using floor = set height over ground by setting GIS floor level value to DELVAL (-9999.9)
– [WMS CONNECTION CONFIGURATION] – Added ability to save “GetCapabilities” response as a text file
– [FLOOD FORECAST] – Added ability to change additional hydrology run time from forecast setup form
– [HOUSE PHOTOS SETUP] – Added ability to set zoom level of house photo when registering
– [HOUSE PHOTOS SETUP] – Added display of current record field values
– [SEARCH] – Can now search using any GIS layer in the project, even if not in current view
– [SEARCH] – If searching a GIS layer of polygons/polylines, view will automatically zoom to extent of object
– [GIS-SURFACE INTEGRATION] – Added new script “DateTime of Level in Field” – the date time that the level in the GIS layer is reached
– [FLOOD REPORTS] – Added ability to aggregate/separate flood reports using a master reporting spatial framework
– [FLOOD REPORTS] – Can now use relative paths as well as absolute
– [CONFIGURATION] – Moved all application configuration settings to “Global” settings page
– [KMZ Files] – Added support for KMZ files
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Simplified forecasting front page
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added ability to specify whether full time series should be converted or only TUFLOW peaks
Bug Fixes:
– [INFINITE GRID] – Fixed profile plot for massive grids
– [PACK N GO] – Fixed copying APS source files
– [UPDATE TERRAIN] – Fixed using dynamic TIN to update terrain from a gridded surface
– [USER MANUAL] – Adjusted size of some images to page width
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed tracking of view names with spaces in them
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Enabled ENTER in user entry fields to progress to next line
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed image location when using keypoints
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed bug in clearing keypints folder setting
– [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed bug in clearing templates from certificates setup
– [GAG LAYER CREATION] – Fixed GAG layer creation from GIS file for additional fields
– [TIME SERIES PLOTS WITH DATES] – Fixed display of actual datetime in tabular plot data
– [FLOOD FORECAST CATCHMENT CONDITIONS] – Catchment conditions categories now match what has been included in setup
– [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Fixed issue with some servers specifying SRS vs CRS
– [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Fixed passthrough of username/password in HTTP headers
– [RORB RESULTS] – Overcome RORB 999 timestep labelling limit
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed registration of training vs live mode
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Ensure all hydrology sub-catchment hyetographs have non-zero rainfall (add 0.1 to last timestep if needed) to avoid hydrology model instability
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed time series elapsed hours calculation
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed thinning issue with time-varying GIS-Surface Integration and flat gauge time series
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Provide flexibility to update/search gauge layers using any of commsID, Name, GaugeID
– [COMPOSITE FILES] – If water surfaces in composite have different time basis, only peaks can be accessed
– [HYETOGRAPHS] – Fixed display of hyetograph bar chart where other parameters are active
– [GDAL MSSQLSPATIAL] – Forced use of geometry column in spatial tables (this field must exist for a table to be able to load in waterRIDE)
– [CUSTOM LEGENDS] – Fixed GIS based custom legend palette editing
– [FLOOD REPORTS] – Fixed column alignment in Excel
– [VIEW PROJECTIONS] – Fixed bug where conversion function not assigned correctly causing access violation in some situations
– [EXPORT POLYGONS] – Fixed initiation of parameters for repeated exporting
– [LINKED PROJECTS] – Fixed bug opening in new application window
– [LOCATION MIN/MAX SURFACE VALUES] – Fixed indexing of some non-overlapping elements
– [GRID CONVERSION – GRIDDED XYZ] – Fixed handling gridded ASCII XYZ files that have been clipped and are not a full grid
New Features:
– [SAVE KEYPOINTS] – Keypoints saved from a project that has been setup for Automated Certificates will default to a file in the “KeyPoints” folder with the unique property ID as its name
– [FLOOD FORECAST POLYGON RAIN] – Added ability to manually apply spatially distributed forecast rainfall using GIS polygons
– [FLOOD FORECAST HYDROLOGY INPUT RAIN] – Added ability to save rainfall input to hydrology model to a GAG layer for interrogation
– [FLOOD FORECAST REPORTING] – Added ability to run/publish flood reports during forecast
– [FLOOD FORECAST ARCHIVING] – Added ability to archive forecast key input/output datasets when publishing
– [FLOOD FORECAST TIME SERIES] – Added support for creating time varying forecast surface
– [FLOOD FORECAST FLOOD INTELLIGENCE] – Added support for creating time based flood intelligence (without need for time series surface)
– [BoM FORECAST RAINFALL GRIDS] – Added cumulative rainfall to grid surface
– [METSERVICE FORECAST RAINFALL GRIDS] – Added cumulative rainfall to grid surface
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Specify whether property boundary should be highlighted, including highlight colour and thickness
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to specify KeyPoints file for use in relevant views
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to use keypoints to populate a table of flood values for a property
– [VOLUME CALCULATIONS] – Added ability to save time-series water volumes as a CSV
– [VOLUME CALCULATIONS] – Added ability to save manually drawn polygon as a GIS layer
– [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Added ability to add additional “name=value” parameters to request URL (eg NearMap online imagery)
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Enhanced progressbar display
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to control legend size
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Improved efficiency in certificate creation
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added quick search to certificates form
– [FLOOD REPORTS] – Added ability to group entries in flood report using a GIS field value
– [FLOOD REPORTS] – Added ability to report summary statistics in report
– [LEGEND DISPLAY] – Improved consistency in display of legend labels for numeric ranges
– [DEFAULT HAZARD PALETTE] – Improved default colour range for new ARR hazards (H1-H6)
– [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Added ability to specify additional request arguments (eg APIkey=1234567), which are required by some commercial providers
– [GAUGE LAYERS CSV DATA SOURCE] – Enabled import of gauge readings from CSV file
– [FLOOD FORECAST CATCHMENT CONDITIONS] – Added ability to edit Initial and Continuing Loss values directly on forecast form
– [INFOWORKS] – Added support for InfoWorks v7.5 results
– [DXF DISPLAY] – Forced display using GDAL libraries
– [POINT DISPLAY] – Improved look of non-solid point markers by removing border
Bug Fixes:
– [PYRAMID BUILDING] – Fixed progress bar range check error on building level 1 pyramids
– [PYRAMID MODE] – Fixed display of peak only derived datsets
– [LEGEND] – Fixed legend refresh when no layer active
– [GDAL SPATIAL INDEX BUG] – overcome GDAL indexing issue with a single, multi-part object in a layer
– [CLEANING LARGE GRIDS] – Fixed “range check error” when cleaning very large grids
– [LINKING] – Fixed linked file display when linking from a MIF/MID file
– [VOLUME CALCULATIONS] – Fixed range check error selecting polygon from a layer in the view option
– [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Fixed saving of username and password to *.imgsvr file
– [DELFT3D CONVERSION] – Fixed “invalid minimum depth threshold” error
– [WBNM HYDROLOGY SETUP] – Fixed default display of Node GIS/Xref edit box
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – View images are now created in users temp folder, rather than template folder, avoiding potential conflicts
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Check if template is currently open in Word
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Fixed “long string” text limit
– [SURFACE SMOOTHING] – Fixed display of true flood extents for all parameters
– [WRB PEAK VELOCITY] – Fixed calculation of peak velocity where one node of triangle is dry
– [CLIPPING WRB FILES] – Fixed incorrect identification of nodes/triangles
– [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – Fixed “bits out of range” error on some multi-domain conversions
– [CFG INITIALISATION] – Fixed metatdata update routine to be run only if required
– [LEGEND DISPLAY] – Fixed initialisation of legend settings where active layer is outside current view extents
– [MOUSE DOWN/UP LAG] – Fixed handling of lag between mousedown and mouseup operations
– [ZOOMING] – Fixed remembering of last click location when zooming during onscreeen operations (eg profile plot, flow plot, shape editing etc)
– [BUTTON FEEDBACK] – Fixed water tools button state visuals
– [GDAL LAYER DISPLAY] – Fixed setting polygon/polyline line colour of GIS layers that also contain points
– [GDAL DATABASE LAYERS] – File based GDAL database layers now support relative path to file in DBvec
New Features:
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to incorporate linked images in certificates (scaled property photos and auto-link fields)
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to utilise multiple certificate templates in the one project
– [INFO MODE DROPDOWN] – Exposed Multi-Point and All-Layers interrogation modes from info tool
– [MOUSEWHEEL ZOOMING] – Scrolling mousewheel will zoom in any mode (previously only pan mode or using CTRL shortcut)
– [AUTO PAN VIEW] – Hold left mouse button and drag to pan in any mode (previously using SPACEBAR)
– [TOUCHSCREEN NAVIGATION] – Pan with finger slide, zoom with pinch, right click with two finger tap
– [RATING CURVE BUILDER] – Added support for using TUFLOW PO Lines flow/level CSV files
– [FLOOD FORECASTING MODES] – Added ability to set forecast project as “LIVE” or “TRAINING” mode. Training provides simple time control for stepping through historical events
– [ONLINE ADDRESS SEARCH] – Added support for ESRI World Geocode Service single line address searching
– [FORCED INFINITE GRID MODE] – Building surface pyramids (*_L2 .. *_Ln files) for a layer will force a surface to be opened in infinite grid mode if the data is peaks only
– [INFINITE GRID MODE NOTIFICATION] – Status bar indicates if infinite grid mode is enabled for the active layer
– [PYRAMIDS FOR TIME SERIES DATA] – Pyramids can now be built for time-series data. This can improve performance of animations of large results sets.
– [PEAK GRIDS] – Added ability to convert peak model results grids to a single peaks only wrr
– [WBNM] – Added support for WBNM (2012) model outputs and use as a real-time hydrologic forecasting model
– [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – No longer requires “elevation2d” to be included in dat file
– [DIFFERENCE MAPPING] – Added ability to show “wet to dry”/”dry to wet” for velocity difference and VxD difference
– [GAUGE LAYERS] – Simplified layout for accessing Gauge (*.gag) layers in flood forecasting mode
– [GAUGE LAYERS] – Added -99 to water level gauge DELVAL list
– [GRID CONVERSION] – Converting hazard grids now prompts for hazard categories to use in displaying the grid
– [TRANSLUCENCY] – Added edit box to set translucency directly
– [RAINFALL GAUGE DATA] – Added ability to inspect and update rain gauge status at time of running forecast
– [GIS/SURFACE INTEGRATION] – Now uses native grid framework when doing grid max/min/avg. Only cells with centroids inside polygons will be tested
– [ENVIROMON RIVER GAUGES] – Padded out blank readings
– [RIVER GAUGE DATA] – Added ability to display both Level (m AHD) and Stage (m)
– [NZ METSERVICE FORECAST RAINFALL] – Added support for single netCDF file
– [RELOCATE LAYERS] – Improved layout for manipulating layer replacements
Bug Fixes:
– [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – Conversion now relies on depth (rather than elevation) overcoming some inconsistencies in shallow areas
– [AUTOMATED CERTIFICATES] – Fixed replacing tags in Headers and Footers
– [RUBICON CONVERSION] – Fixed interface error message
– [ZOOM SCALING] – Fixed issue with occasional mouse scroll scaling/image mismatch
– [RMA CONVERSION] – Fixed hazard file assignment
– [FORECAST TIME CONTROL] – Fixed position of time control window
– [EXPORT POLYGONS OF HAZARD] – Fixed “Contour :error” message
– [FLOOD PLANNING DEPTH] – Fixed queries and cleaning using Planning_Depth as a parameter
– [EXPORT ASCII GRID] – Fixed range check error exporting some grids
– [SCALED HOUSE PHOTOS] – Photo now stored in users’ temporary folder overcoming any permissions issues
– [FPM SURFACE PROCESSING] – Fixed bug initialising surfaces that are not in current project
– [SENSITIVITY FLOOD FORECASTS] – Fixed checking sensitivity levels are within interpolation surface range
– [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed application of continuing loss values in RAFTS hydrology models
– [ADFD/PME CONVERSION] – Now converts UTC to local time
– [RIVER GAUGE DATA] – Fixed summary display of peak gauge parameters
– [MANNINGS CALCULATOR] – Fixed calculation of slope from terrain
New Features:
[METADATA] – Added ability to bulk process metadata key/value pairs
– [MIKE URBAN] – Added support for MIKE URBAN results
– [SURFACE PYRAMIDS] – Added support for building pyramids for gridded (wrr) layers using infinite grid
– [GeoPDF] – Added support for displaying GeoPDF (and standard PDF) as background image layers
– [ADVANCED SEARCH] – Added ability to select ALL/NONE
– [ADVANCED SEARCH] – WHERE added automatically on first click in row
– [MIKE CONVERSION] – Standardised conversion form
– [MIKE FLEXI MESH] – Added ability to automatically stretch DFSU water surfaces to ensure wet edge is fully defined
– [LINKSWIN – DOUBLE CLICK GRID CELL] – Added ability to save as Excel XLSX (in addition to CSV)
– [PROGRESS BARS] – Added estimated completion time for some processing tasks
– [KEYPOINTS] – Added ability to select field to use for keypoints from toolbar
– [FILTERING TINs] – Filtering now carried out at centroid of triangle. If criteria is met, the entire triangle is retained. This provides a match to finite volume modelling.
– [CLEANING TINs] – Added flexibility to allow cleaning criteria to be tested for: triangle centroids, any triangle nodal values, or all triangle nodal values
– [AUTO LINKED FILES] – Set default links window tab to first linked file
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – When merging 1D/2D by mapping 1D onto 2D, added option to control if 2D terrain should be updated using 1D elevations
Bug Fixes:
– [MIKE21 DFSU CONVERSION] – Fixed tolerance for ground elevations set to precisely 0.0 being flagged as DELVAL
– [GIS-SURFACE INTEGRATION] – Fixed DELVAL bug when integrating GIS points against a water surface
– [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed “map 1D onto 2D” if MESHPARTS used and not all parts selected in conversion
– [FORECAST SETUP] – Fixed bug in saving surface list if ARI’s not specified and some surfaces not selected
– [COMPOSITE LAYERS] – Fixed display of overlapping portions when using translucency
– [COMPOSITE LAYERS] – Fixed display of all values at a location
– [MAPPING TO EXTREMELY LARGE DEMS] – Fixed integer overflow error
– [RELOCATE LAYERS] – Fixed relocation of MIF/MID layers
– [MAXMIN SECTION OF CFG] – Fixed non-update of CFG MINMAX section
– [OVER AND UNDER RANGE COLOURS] – Fixed saving of over and under colours
– [PRINTING] – Fixed access violation
New Features:
• [ADD/REMOVE LAYERS FROM MULTIPLE VIEWS] – Added ability to add/remove layers from multiple views
• [ADJUST PEAK WATER LEVELS] – Added ability to specify minimum or maximum value within polygon
• [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to integrate property GIS layer with any other GIS layer
• [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to extract field information from SQL database
• [PROPERTY PHOTOS SETUP] – Added ability to search for properties
• [PROPERTY PHOTOS SETUP] – Added ability to update photo for current property
• [GIS-SURFACE INTEGRATION] – Added ability to limit processing of GIS objects within a layer to a polygon specified in a separate layer
• [PDF HELP] – Added PDF help to help menu
• [KEYPOINTS] – Added access to key points in Viewer
• [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Enhanced dealing with collection of metadata from WRC layers
• [BATCH EXPORT VIEW] – Added ability to reset extents for each view to defaults during batch exporting
• [BATCH EXPORT VIEW] – Added full tree-path to each view for batch image exporting
Bug Fixes:
• [COPY/PASTE VIEWS] – Tree node being copied is now sticky, overcoming “intermediate left click” issue.
• [COPY/PASTE VIEWS] – Fixed “Paste View to Base” sometimes pasting the entire branch
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed creation of *.wrc files if TUFLOW results using MESHPARTS
• [ADVANCED SEARCH] – Fixed linking to quick search tool
• [GIS-SURFACE INTEGRATION] – Fixed limiting processing to visible objects if specified
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Fixed processing of GIS-Surface integration where a surface is selected directly from the library
• [GDAL IMAGERY] – Fixed display of single band imagery with invalid internal min/max value bounds
• [BATCH EXPORT VIEWS] – Fixed ID mismatch for default view export
• [RELOCATE LAYERS] – Fixed display of layers
• [LINK TO GAUGE LEVEL] – Fixed execution of tool
• [COMPOSITE FILES] – Fixed access violation error in adding layers using the browse button
• [EXPORT RASTER GRID] – Fixed integer rounding of lower left coordinates
New Features:
• [DRAG DROP MAP WINDOW] – Added ability to drag files directly onto the map window to add to current view
• [DFSU BATCH CONVERSION] – Only prompts once for output timestep size
• [BATCH IMAGE EXPORT] – Added ability to batch export view images
• [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Added support for specifying background colour in transparent PNG’s
• [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to save as PDF instead/as well as Word DOC format (Word 2010 or later – Word 2007 requires Microsft Plugin)
• [TUFLOW PIPES] – Added support for Shapefiles and TAB files to pipe network layout GIS layer.
Bug Fixes:
• [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Fixed handling commas in user entered text
• [ECW TRANSPARENCY] – Fixed identification of transparency in ECW images
• [GDAL LAYERS] – Fixed non-display of highlight field when different to active field
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Fixed conversion when non-standard result order encountered
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed surface value where water level below ground and using PLANNING_LEVEL
• [WEB MAP SERVICES] – Fixed issue when exporting high resolution screenshots beyond the maximum resolution the WMS can supply
New Features:
• [MOUSEWHEEL ZOOMING] – In PAN mode (or any other mode and holding SPACEBAR or CTRL), scroll mouse wheel to zoom in/out
• [PROPERTY TAGGING] – Added ability to tag a property as flood affected based on hydraulic parameters at/around property
• [INFINITE GRID] – Added support for “Infinite Grids”. Disk based caching is employed to facilitate visualisation/interrogation of extremely large grids (up to 1 trillion cells)
• [PIPE MODEL RESULTS] – Added generic framework support for interrogating/visualising pipe model outputs including dynamic linking to 2D water surfaces
• [PIPE RESULTS – TUFLOW] – Added support for TUFLOW pipe model results
• [HYDROLOGY MODEL RESULTS] – Added generic framework support for visualising/interrogating hydrology model results
• [HYDROLOGY MODEL – RORB] – Added support for RORB model outputs
• [HYDROLOGY MODEL – RAFTS] – Added support for RAFTS model outputs
• [HYDROLOGY MODEL – URBS] – Added support for URBS model outputs
• [RIVERFLOW 2D RESULTS] – Added support for RiverFlow2D model results
• [ISIS 1D/2D RESULTS] – Added support for ISIS 1D/2D model results
• [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added ability to incorporate imagery from any view into the certificate
• [METSERVICE FORECAST RAINFALL] – Added ability to import MetService (NZ) forecast rainfall time-varying surfaces
• [AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY – NOWCAST] – Added ability to import BoM NowCast forecast rainfall time-varying surfaces
• [REPORTING] – Added ability to generate CSV reports from GIS layers
• [GDAL WMS/WMTS] – Added support for GDAL formatted Map Server XML files
• [GDAL v2.1] – Implemented GDAL v2.1
• [ADVANCED SEARCH LAYER] – Added support for BOOLEAN searches on GIS and PIPE layers
• [SURFACE INTERPOLATION] – Added generic surface interpolation tool
• [SURFACE EXTRAPOLATION] – Added generic surface extrapolation tool
• [BULK HYDROGRAPH EXTRACTION] – Added a tool for extracting flow hydrographs for X-sects in a GIS layer for multiple water surfaces
• [RATING CURVES] – Added a tool for drawing rating curves using mutliple flow hydrographs at a location
• [POSTGIS/POSTRGRESQL] – Added support for POSTGIS/PostgreSQL vector GIS layers
• [CLEAR “COLOUR” PALETTES”] – Added support for specify clear cells in a colour palette
• [GREYSCALE IMAGERY] – Added ability to greyscale file based imagery
• [RASTERISE GIS POLYGONS] – Added tool to rasterise polygons in active GIS layer
• [ADJUST PEAK WATER LEVEL] – Added tool to adjust peak water level within a polygon(s)
• [POSTGIS/POSTGRESQL] – Added support for PostGIS/PostGreSQL database layers
• [PEAK FLOW SURFACE] – Added ability to generate a surface of peak flow across the entire surface
• [FPM TOOLS] – Restructured menu layout
• [GIS TOOLS] – Restructured menu layout
• [FLOOD PLANNING SURFACE] – Added ability to batch process multiple files
• [TIME BASED QUERIES] – Added ability to batch process multiple files
• [PARAMETER QUERIES] – Added ability to batch process multiple files
• [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – Added ability to adjust 1D X-section extents as an interim stage to results conversion
• [TIFF IMAGERY] – Added support for alpha channel
• [ECW IMAGERY] – Added support for alpha channel
• [GRID CONVERSIONS] – Added a single form for batch grid conversion/import
• [TAB FILE EDITING] – Added support for editing Mapinfo TAB files
• [UK ENVIRONMENT AGENCY PROPERTY COUNTS] – Added ability to use both TAB and SHP files for NRD or MasterMaplayers
• [GDAL PATH] – Rationalised GDAL library path for easier future upgrades
• [QUICK SEARCH LAYER] – Enhanced search form. Form supports column sorting.
• [EXPORT POINTS] – Added ability to export cell/node values as a Vector GIS layer.
• [CLEANING DIRECT RAINFALL RESULTS] – Added ability to remove puddles as part of cleaning process
• [FLOOD DAMAGES] – Added support for using the water level from a field in the GIS layer
• [NULLIFY] – Improved speed of running nullify on many grids
• [DIFFERENCES] – Differences now applies to common items in surfaces with different items
• [FLOOD FORECASTING – TABLE AND TIME SERIES] – Added ability to run forecast using flows and cross referenced rating curves
• [ECW IMAGERY] – Improved display speed
• [LOAD/SAVE PROFILE/TIME SERIES POINTS] – Added ability to collect all point values using external GIS layer
• [AUTOMATED FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Redesigned setup and processing forms
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Grid routines will use the grid size if a WRR file is being used
• [UNIT STREAM POWER/BED SHEAR] – Now strictly calculated using water surface slope
• [GAUGE LAYERS] – Changed river level gauge time series plots to continuous lines
• [KEYPOINTS] – Added ability to dispay keypoints using any hydraulic parameter previously active parameter only)
• [CUSTOM LEGEND] – Added ability to specify “inf” and “-inf” as labels in a custom legend to define “<” or “>” in the legend
Bug Fixes:
• [PROJECT TEMPLATES] – Fixed copying of any layer filters
• [GAUGE LAYERS] – Fixed Halo text and highlight display
• [OBJECT INFO] – Fixed display of Object Information fpr single item surfaces
• [TIFF IMAGERY] – Fixed Red/Blue colour band ordering issues in some files
• [PROFILE PLOT STACKING] – Fixed “range check error” when stacking many profiles in some circumstances
• [GDAL LAYER SEARCHING] – Fixed GDAL layer searching
• [FLOW PLOTS] – Fixed navigating to timesteps by clicking on flow plot
• [EXPORT VELOCITY VECTORS] – Changed export type to polyline (from polygon)
• [LIVE STREAM GAUGE LAYERS] – Fixed display of continuous line (ignore “no value”)
• [NULLIFY] – Fixed integer overflow on very large grids
• [UK ENVIRONMENT AGENCY uFMfSW] – Fixed range check error during conversion of very large datasets
• [LOCATION OF MIN/MAX SURFACE VALUE] – Fixed surface value where water level below ground
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed surface value where water level below ground
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed access violation when converting some XMDF results
• [IMPORT DXF 3D_FACES] – Fixed occasional error with nodal elevations converting as 0.0
• [GDAL LAYERS] – Fixed filtering on numeric fields that contain NULL values
New Features:
• [UK ENVIRONMENT AGENCY PROPERTY COUNTS] – Added ability to carry out EA property counts
• [EXPORT FILTERED GIS LAYER] – Added ability to save the filtered part of the active GIS layer as a new file
• [LINK TO GAUGE LEVEL] – Added to tool to GIS-Flood integration to determine the level at a gauge at which the level specified in a field value for a GIS point is reached (eg the gauge level at which various evacuation routes are cut)
• [BULK EXPORT PEAK FLOW] – Added tool to export peak flow across multiple X-sections for multiple water surfaces
• [PROBABILITY OF INUNDATION] – Added tool to determine probability that a level in a GIS field is exceeded
• [GIS FILE: MICROSOFT SQL SPATIAL] – Added support (read only) for direct connection MSSQL SPATIAL vector layer
• [GIS FILE: ORACLE SPATIAL] – Added support (read only) for direct connection ORACLE SPATIAL vector layer
• [PROJECT TEMPLATES] – Added support for building waterRIDE projects using a template
• [SEA LEVEL RISE INTERPOLATION] – Added support for interpolating lower SLR surface
• [FLOOD DAMAGES] – Added support for calculating damages using building polygons/polylines
• [FLOOD DAMAGES] – Added aupport for using an external field to specify whether damages should be calculated for each property
• [UNIT STREAM POWER] – Improved speed of calculation
• [SURFACE SMOOTHING] – Improved display of smoothed surface where water level exists “below ground”
• [IDENTIFY LOCATION OF MIN/MAX SURFACE VALUES] – Added ability to store the min/max value for the point
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Option to convert TUFLOW outputs to grid (wrr)
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added support for XMDF format files
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Automatically search for _d.dat files if _h.dat files do not exist
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Enhanced, single form for all TUFLOW conversion (classic and FV)
• [COMPOSITE FILES] – Added check for consistent timesteps in a composite water surface
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Enforced strict conversion of dfs2 file depth values to match MIKE Zero (previously, waterRIDE used a depth limit of 0.001m)
• [ZOI CREATION] – Enhanced automatic creation of ZoI GIS file to number downstream to upstream
• [INFOWORKS CONVERSION] – Improved support for InfoWorks RS/ICM. Now supports binary results exports.
• [MULTI-GAUGE INTERPOLATION] – Improved selection of bounding surfaces in multiple buffer zone setups
• [LOST PALETTES] – Added ability to relocate palettes if not found during project loading
• [SCALED PROPERTY PHOTOS] – Added display of current photos floor and eave levels
• [CLEAN MODEL RESULTS] – Added support for multiple WHERE clauses (eg cleaning for [D > 0.1] OR [(D > 0.05) AND (VxD > 0.025)]
Bug Fixes:
• [GIS FILE CONVERSION] – Fixed bug converting MapInfo files using DECIMAL fields
• [SURFACE SMOOTHING] – ObjectInfo values are now smoothed (matches display)
• [UPDATING MAXMIN] – Fixed bug in updating the MAXMIN section of CFG/CFG2 files
• [MIKE FLEXI-MESH CONVERSION] – Improved conversion for steep catchments
• [MIKE FLEXI-MESH CONVERSION] – Fixed timestep prompt during batch conversion
• [SURFACE STRETCHING] – Fixed “Abstract Error” when using limit lines with GDAL based GIS layers
• [RANGE CHECK ERROR ON PROJECT LOADING] – Fixed issue opening projects containing GDAL based GIS layers and model results set at non-peak timesteps
• [PROJECTION ISSUES WITH EXPORTED VECTOR GIS] – Fixed issue with projections not being set for Export->Surface or Export->Contours
• [MANNINGS CALCULATOR] – Fixed “non-update” issue when repeatedly extracting cross sections from DEM
• [VELOCITY MAPPING] – Fixed bug in mapping peaks of “DELVAL” velocities
• [EXPORT GIS TO CSV] – Fixed range check error if CSV file did not exist
• [MIF FILE EDITING] – Fixed range check error when editing a newly created, non-active MIF/MID file
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed range check error where GIS object outside flood surface extent and “Vertex Max” selected
• [WATER SURFACE COMPOSITE FILES (*.wrc)] – Fixed animation of profile plots, hazard chart display and flow pot stacking
New Features:
• [IMAGE OVERVIEWS] – Added ability to create image overviews to improve access to jpg/tiff aerial imagery
• [RUBICON CONVERSION] – Added support for conversion of RUBICON models with a 2D framework (*.12da TIN framework)
• [GRID CONVERSION] – Added support for FloatGrids (*.flt) to ESRI Grid Conversion menu
• [GRID EXPORTS] – Changed default delete value to -9999.9 (from -9999) to fix ESRI rounding all values to integers
• [GIS TOOLS] – Improved highlighting display for text tools
• [STRETCHING] – Improved stretching speed
• [MAPPING SURFACES] – Added extra option to map from the peaks dataset of each source layer (as opposed to the full time series)
• [WMS COORDINATES] – Added support for “reversing” coordinates (X/Y) for CRS that are Northings/Eastings vs Eastings/Northings
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added support for converting using depths output files (*_d.dat)
Bug Fixes:
• [MISSING DATA RANGE] – Relaxed automatic fix of cfg/2 files when MAXMIN section (“Data Range”) is missing (recreated from PEAKS dataset only)
• [MAPPING SURFACES TO DEM] – Fixed “Range Check Error” when mapping a water surface without a CFG file.
• [WRC FILES] – Fixed “info” tool where overlapping areas have valid terrain but invalid water surfaces
• [GIS TOOLS] – Fixed creation of rectangles
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Set MIKE defined “invalid velocity” to 0.0 instead of DELVAL (ensures consistent flood extent and hazard mapping)
• [FLOOD DAMAGES] – Fixed calculation of indivdual property AAD where property not inundated (DELVAL as depth)
• [VIEW DELETION] – Fixed Access Violation on deletion of blank last view in table of contents
• [VIEW RENAMING] – Fixed bug in renaming newly created views
• [“ON THE FLY” MAPPING FILES] – Fixed display of query results
• [EXPORT PEAKS] – Fixed specifying user defined output file name
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed issue when mixed time varying and peak only water surfaces used in a script
• [FLOOD FORECASTING SETUP] – Fixed issue with editing indicative ARI label for forecasting library surfaces
• [FLOOD FORECASTING SETUP] – Fixed processing issue with library files that did not contain terrain
New Features:
• [TIME/PROFILE/FLOW PLOTS FROM EXTERNAL GIS FILE] – Added ability to “label” plots using field values from the GIS layer
• [ERDAS IMAGINE IMAGERY] – Added support for Erdas Imagine Aerial Imagery (*.img)
• [AVI RECORDING] – Added support for including “logos” in AVI file
• Refinements:
– [DIFFERENCE MAPPING] – Included DEPTH difference as a parameter in difference mapping
• [AVI RECORDING] – Enhanced control over AVI file appearance
Bug Fixes:
• [FILTER AND SHOW UNDER RANGE – WRR] – Fixed white shading issue for cells outside of range
• [CLIPPING WRB’s] – Fixed routine which missed triangles in some circumstances
• [HALO TEXT] – Fixed bug in reading label settings when project using Halo text
• [FORECAST SENSITIVITY] – Fixed sensitivity % label rounding
• [EXPORT IMAGE] – Fixed legend sizing bug
New Features:
• [DIRECT TIMESTEP SELECTION] – Added direct timestep selection tool to Animation toolbar
• [GEOTIFF IMAGERY] – Added support for GeoTIFF (*.tiff, *.tif) aerial imagery
• [AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY FORECAST RAINFALL PRODUCT] – Added support for ADFD prediction of all parameters (including rainfall 10%, 25% and 50%)
• [AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY FORECAST RAINFALL PRODUCT] – Added support for PME prediction of rainfall (10%, 25% and 50%)
• [AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY FORECAST RAINFALL PRODUCT] – Added support for merging ADFD and PME datasets into a single surface
• [IMAGE SERVER FALLBACK] – Added support for using local imagery files if image server (WMS) connection fails/unavailable in an *.aps file
• [HALO TEXT] – Added support for halo text
• [WRC FILES] – Added support for running queries on composite water surface layers (*.wrc)
• [SELFE MODELS] – Added support for 2D hydrodynamic outputs from SELFE models
• [DEFAULT HAZARDS] – Added configuration option for default hazards: File->Configuration->Default Hazards
• [TIME-BASED COSTS] – Added tool for calculation of time-based flood inundation costs
• [AVERAGE ANNUAL CALCULATIONS] – Added tool for average annual calculations
• [ZONES OF INFLUENCE] – New approach for creating ZOI files results in significantly faster interpolation where 3 or more gauges are used. Existing ZOI files will need to be recreated.
• [wR FILE INFO] – Added base grid size in MB
• [PARAMETER QUERIES] – Added ability to run parameter queries on “peaks only” datasets
• [PARAMETER QUERIES] – Improved query grid row management
• [FPM DIALOG] – Standardised icons across tabs
• [WRB/WRR SPOT POLLING] – Enhanced single point read speed
• [ACTUAL/RELATIVE TIME] – Added tool to switch between Actual/Relative time “Utilities->Set Start Time”
• [START TIME] – Added ability to reset relative start time to a specific value
• [TRIM TIMESTEPS] – Added ability to reset trimmed file to “0.0hrs”
• [VERTICAL MAPPER GRID CONVERSION] – Can now convert Vertical Mapper grids without MapInfo being installed
• [VERTICAL MAPPER GRID CONVERSION] – Significantly improved conversion speed
• [ASCII GRID CONVERSION] – Added support for Gridded ASCII files (*.xyz)
• [MAPPING FORM] – Layout improvements and smart file extension defaults
• [AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY FORECAST RAINFALL PRODUCT] – Forecast rainfall displays as bar chart for each period
• [ENVIROMON GAUGE DATA] – Added support for interchangeable use of StationID and CommsID
• [MAPPING MULTIPLE SURFACES TO DEM] – Option for “maximums only” now stores source of peak water level
• [COPY/PASTE REPLACE] – Fixed width of layer substitution selection form
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Support for GDAL based vector layers (if editable)
• [HOUSE PHOTO SETUP] – Support for GDAL based vector layers (if editable)
• [FLOOD DAMAGES CALCULATIONS] – Support for GDAL based vector layers (if editable)
• [FLOOD DAMAGES CALCULATIONS] – Tool remembers flood surface probabilities once set
• [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Added support for transparent PNG based imagery
• [WEB MAP SERVICE] – Added support for TIFF and BMP based imagery
• [SAVE/CLOSE UNSAVED PROJECT PROMPT] – Made this message clearer
• [GAG LAYER TIME SERIES PLOTS] – Changed default visibility of gauge status to OFF
• [RAFTS MODEL HYDROLOGY] – Added support for additional RAFTS rainfall distribution type: “Rainfall Distribution Data”
• [SURFACE STRETCHING] – Added ability to batch process within interface
• [FLOOD EXTENT EXPORT] – Substantially reduced computation time
• [GIS SURFACE/CONTOUR EXPORT] – Substantially reduced computation time
• [GIS SURFACE/CONTOUR EXPORT] – Rationalised processing options
• [COMPOSITE FILES] – Improved creation and editing processes
Bug Fixes:
• [ENVIRONMENT PATH CONFLICT] – Fixed issue on some systems where GDAL libraries conflict with ESRI/MapInfo installations
• [MIKE21 BATCH PROCESSING] – Fixed bug in firing of multiple MIKE21 conversions
• [UPDATE TERRAIN] – Fixed rare bug in update terrain when source files do not overlap
• [FLOW PLOTS] – Fixed speed issue in extracting flow plots
• [wR FILE INFO] – Fixed issue in timestep units
• [wR FILE INFO] – Now reports starting RELATIVE and ACTUAL times
• [PROJECTIONS] – Fixed issue for layers without projection being assigned Lat/Long (WGS84)
• [TIME STEP LIST] – Fixed display values
• [ON THE FLY MAPPING SETUP] – Fixed bug in creating file if output file left blank
• [ON THE FLY MAPPING] – Fixed time display value for flux plots
• [ON THE FLY MAPPING] – Fixed speed issue in creation of wrb/wrr index file
• [ON THE FLY MAPPING] – Fixed profile plots
• [EXPORT VELOCITY VECTORS] – Fixed support for additional vectors GIS file types
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed issue with integration between layers in different projections in some circumstances
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed speed issue with “duration of”/”time to” integrations
• [HYDRAULIC PAIR QUERY] – Fixed saving of query results
• [MAPPING TO DEM] – Fixed grid interpolation option in some mapping combinations
• [MAPPING TO DEM] – Fixed range check error in some circumstances
• [PROFILE PLOTS] – Fixed discrepancy between active result (when level) column and level column
• [PACK N GO] – Fixed issue with “case sensitive” palette filenames
• [EXPORT PEAKS TO GRID] – Fixed issue in automatic exporting of V*D due to asterix in filename
• [SEARCH DIALOGUE] – Fixed inability to resize form
• [MAP INFO TOOL] – Fixed issue where depth-related values would disappear from Map Info box for some wrb’s
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed range check error for some conversions using MESHPARTS
• [GIS EDITING] – Fixed node display when editing GIS objects
• [MISSING DATA RANGE] – Automatically fix cfg/2 files when MAXMIN section (“Data Range”) is missing (force file initialisation)
• [THEMATIC LAYERS] – Fixed bug where a thematic layers translucency settings cause temporary override of active layer translucency settings
New Features:
• [DEFAULT INSTALLTION FOLDER] – Is now: C:\Program Files (x86)\waterRIDE\productname (or C:\Program Files\waterRIDE\productname for 32bit Windows)
• [GIS FILE SUPPORT] – Added many new formats. Some are “Read Only”, others “Read/Create” but not Edit.
• [GIS FILE: TAB] – Added support (read/create) for Mapinfo TAB vector files
• [GIS FILE: DGN] – Added support (read/create) for Microstation DGN files
• [GIS FILE: ESRI Personal GeoDatabase] – Added support (read-only) for Vector ESRI Personal Geodatabases (*.mdb files)
• [GIS FILE: ESRI File GeoDatabase v9+] – Added support (read only) for Vector ESRI File Geodatabases v9+ (*.gdb folders)
• [GIS FILE: ESRI File GeoDatabase v10+] – Added support (read/create) for Vector ESRI File Geodatabases v10+ (*.gdbfolders)
• [GIS FILE: KML] – Added support (read/create) for Google KML vector files
• [GIS FILE CONVERSION] – Added ability to convert vector GIS files to various formats
• [WEB MAP SERVICE (WMS)] – Added form for automatic/manual configuration of WMS
• [uFMfSW] – Added support for UK Environment Agency Surface Water GIS file conversion (uFMfSW)
• [waterRIDE PROJECT FILES] – New waterRIDE project file format is NOT backwards compatible. Added ability to save a project as older style (v1)
• [PARAMETER QUERIES] – Added “Hydraulic pair query” (eg determine velocity at peak depth)
• [LAYER TRANSLUCENCY] – Vector/raster GIS and water surface layers now have individual translucency settings
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Completely rebuilt and expanded
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for display/interrogation of river/rainfall gauge layers from Enviromon, CSV, and SQL database sources
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for lookup-table based forecasting (flash flood forecasting)
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for upstream control based forecasting (eg dams, weirs)
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for real-time hydrologic modelling using XP-RAFTS and URBS, including model setup, execution and results processing
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Added support for importing BoM 10day, 3hourly rainfall forecast netCDF files
• [Projections] Added the following to the list of supported projections:
• Vicgrid66
• AGD84 AMU zones 48S to 58S
• NAD83 UTM zones 1N to 23N
• ETRS89 UTM zones 28N to 37N
• ED50 UTM zones 28N to 38N
• Web Mercator
• British National Grid
• Irish Grid (TM65)
• PSD93 UTM zone 39N & 40N
• QND95 / Qatar National Grid’
• WGS84 / Dubai Local TM’
• WGS84 UTM zone 36N to 40N
• lat/long (AGD66, ED50, ETRS89, GDA94, NAD83, OSGB36, PSD93, QND95, TM65).
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – Extensive expansion of existing functionality
• [GIS MENU] – GIS tools now reside on dedicated GIS menu
• [GIS MENU] – Added numerous GIS layer manipulation tools
• [HAZARDS MANAGER] – Added ability to backup hazards CSV files to a specified folder
• [STRETCHING TOOLS] – Added ability to batch process files
• [DIRECT RAINFALL CLEANING] – Added ability to clean “peaks only” surfaces
• [EXPORT FLOOD EXTENTS/WL CONTOURS] – Compact polygons to reduce output file size
• [FLOOD DAMAGES] – Added ability to toggle calculation of true AEP for a given ARI when doing AAD calculations, rather than just AEP = 1 / ARI
• [WEB Map SERVICE (WMS)] – Added support for password protected WMS
• [INDEX GIS LAYER] – Added ability to exclude objects that cannot be indexed (eg outside water surface)
• [EXPORT WL CONTOURS] – Added ability to export Planning Level contours
• [TABLE OF CONTENTS] – Added ability to right click and manipulate tree structure without having to left click select the view first
• [TABLE OF CONTENTS] – Copy/Paste replace now allows selection of multiple surfaces for substitution
• [FLOOD CERTIFICATES] – Added support for docx based certificates
• [PROFILE PLOTS] – Fixed charts where no information available between profile points
• [LAYER DISPLAY STYLES] – Time series steps now display step number and time
• [HOUSE PHOTOS] – Enhanced look of photos
• [HOUSE PHOTOS] – Added support for PNG images
• HOUSE PHOTOS] – Allow resizing of photo registration form
• [TIMESTEP CONSISTENCY] – Enforced timestep consistency between views using the same active layer
• [DEFAULT PALLETTES] – Adjusted default hazard and category data palettes
• [UTILITIES MENU] – Restructured with enhancements to most tools
• [UTILITIES MENU] – Added additional general tools
• [FILTER] – Filtering a water surface now applies as the surface is drawn (slower, but more appropriate)
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added support for MESHPARTS during conversion
• [RELOCATE FILES] – Added support for substituting any layers of the same type
• [PROJECTION MANAGEMENT] – Updated storing of projections to eliminate potential conflicts with files of the same prefix
• [Projections] Removed the following extraneous projections:
• GDA94 / MGA zone 47
• AGD66 / AMG zone 47
• AGD66 / ISG zone 56/3
• [Projections] Changed the labels of the following projections:
• MGA-94 -> GDA94 MGA
• AMG-66 -> AGD66 AMG
• ISG -> AGD66 ISG
• [SOBEK CONVERSION] – detect the mapper file version automatically.
• [SOBEK CONVERSION] – check in the “<projectname>\FIXED\” folder first for the DEM grid files before asking the user for the location.
• [SOBEK CONVERSION] – prompt user for the location of the H-map and C-map files if they are not found in the default location in the case folder.
• [12DA DTM IMPORT] – Improved performance of 12DA file import routine. The “null” command is now optional.
• [MIKE21 DFS2/DT2] – Conversion form now displays both the file origin & orientation and the target file origin & orientation.
• [MIKE21 DFS2/DT2] – Now consider all cells with terrain value at or above the ‘true land’ value as dry cells.
• [MIKE21 DFSU] – Extend water level and velocity values out by one element to cover the full flood extent.
• [MAPPING] – Added ability to automatically find TUFLOW 1D files when mapping to a fine scale DEM
Bug Fixes:
• [DIRECT RAINFALL CLEANING] – Fixed bug where terrain value was removed in any cleaned area
• [DIRECT RAINFALL CLEANING] – Fixed error in timestep for cleaned file
• [HAZARDS MANAGER] – Fixed installation of hazards where user did not have suitable permissions
• [HAZARDS MANAGER] – Fixed issue with fine precision hazards being different between the hazards file and CFG files
• [MAPPING] – Fixed integer overflow when mapping surfaces to a large DEM
• [WEB MAP SERVICE (WMS)] – Fixed proxy timeout issues for non-direct connections
• [INDEX GIS LAYER] – Fixed support for projections
• [SAVE BUTTON] – Now behaves as expected when saving existing project
• [FORM SIZES] – Fixed form scaling issues when using non-standard text DPI settings
• [HILLSHADE] – Fixed display of areas without terrain information
• [THEMATIC ONLY LAYERS] – Retain original timestep settings for view
• [COMPOSITE FILES wrc] – Fixed display of current timestep
• [ERROR MESSAGES] – Fixed some general error messages throughout interface
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed bug arising when GIS polylines do not overlap water surface for vertex-based integration
• [MIKE21 DT2 CONVERSION] – Fixed bug that prevented DT2 file conversion in some cases
• [MIKE21 DFSU CONVERSION] – Fixed bug that resulted in no water level and velocity data when converting Flexi Mesh (*.dfsu) files with quad elements
• [SOBEK 2D CONVERSION] – Fixed a conversion error that could occur for nested grids where the number of active cells was different between the *.wrb file and the results file.
New Features:
• [ESRI GRIDS] – Added ability to convert Esri *.img DEM files (ERDAS IMAGINE grids)
• [ESRI GRIDS] – Added ability to convert Esri *.tif DEM files
• [CREATE OPTIMISED BLANK ROTATED GRID] – added ability to create smallest rotated terrain grid around a polygon
• [CREATE USER DEFINED BLANK ROTATED GRID] – added ability to create user specified blank rotated terrain grid
• [TIME SERIES PLOT] – Added dropdown list for Windows XP/2000 users
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Added ability to easily convert a standard output TUFLOW TIN to a Grid (this does NOT apply to the refined mesh output in current TUFLOW models)
Updated Features:
• [GENERAL INTERFACE IMPROVMENTS] – general enhancements
• [UPDATE TERRAIN] – added ability to update terrain using files in different projections
• [ANUGA CONVERSION] – added ability to batch convert ANUGA results
• [PROFILE PLOT] – added ability to execute profile plot of any available parameter, not just the active one
• [TIME SERIES PLOT] – improved response of dropdown list
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – changed “Vertex” based integration to operate as “perimeter”
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – added “task” to calculate duration above a level in a GIS field
• [GIS TOOLS] – added ability to select new GIS object type from button’s drop down menu
• [TUTORIAL] – Updated basic tutorial
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Conversion now reads “1D Correction Factor” from *.2dm header
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – added ability to separate 1D and 2D conversion
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – improved conversion, particularly in areas of very shallow flow
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – added ability to select whether 2D sits on top of 1D (or vice versa) for combined meshes
• [FLOOD DAMAGES] – Added check that the specified water surface files actually contain water level
• [TIN TO GRID CONVERSION] – Reduced conversion time dramatically
• [SURFACE SMOOTHING] – Added to composite files (*.wrc)
• [EXTRACT PEAKS] – Added ability to batch extract peaks
• [ZOOM TOGGLE] – Added ability to toggle between zoom in/out using the SHIFT key when in either mode
Bug Fixes:
• [PROFILE PLOT LABELS] – Fixed vertical access label on profile plots
• [LOAD TIME SERIES PLOT POINTS] – Fixed loading time series plot points as nodes of a GIS polyline
• [STRETCH BY CYCLES] – Fixed access violation affecting stretching a time-varying WRR/WRB by a “Number of cycles”
• [NULLIFY] – Fixed toggling of terrain nullify option
• [TERRAIN UPDATES] – Fixed updating terrain for rotated grids.
• [GRID CONVERSIONS] – Added check for NaN in importing grids
• [CREATE NEW GIS FILE] – Fixed error when manually creating a blank GIS file from the menu.
• [MIKE FLEXI MESH] – Fixed conversion of DFSU files
• [ANUGA CONVERSION] – Added checking for NAN’s
• [LEGEND DISPLAY] – Fixed decimal point display for large numbers
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Fixed conversion of rotated grid velocity vectors
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Fixed floating point overflow conversion error
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Fixed detection of “land value”
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Added detection of “excessive” velocities
• [INSTANTANEOUS FLOW] – Fixed access violation on display of instantaneous flow
Known Issues:
• [“BETTER” WRR GIS EXPORTING] – issue with “better” option for exporting grid extents/contours/polygons etc. Use “grid edges instead.
New Features:
• [INDEX GIS POLYGONS] – added ability to export the location of minimum/maximum hydraulic parameters within GIS polygons as a GIS file of points (can be used to speed up GIS-Flood Integration when repeatedly run)
• [ZONE OF INFLUENCE CREATION] – added ability to draw zones of influence in GIS and automatically format into ZoI GIS polygons
• [FLOOD FORECASTING] – added function to read a CSV file of gauge forecasts from gauge level entry form
Updated Features:
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – added ability to batch convert results
• [UPDATE TERRAIN] – significantly improved speed of updating terrain values for gridded DEM’s
• [INTERFACE] – Minor interface improvements
• [UTILITIES] – Enhanced processing speed of some utilities
Bug Fixes:
• [GIS-FLOOD INTEGRATION] – Fixed issue with sampling a polygon by gridding
• [MAPPING] – Fixed range check error when mapping from non-initialised source files
• [SHP FILES] – Fixed header update when writing points to SHP files
• [waterRIDE BATCH] – Fixed prompting for MIKE21 projection information
New Features:
• [GRID SURFACE SMOOTHING] – added ability to smooth grid surfaces using localised TINning
• [MAPPING] – added ability to map from a grid to a finer scale DEM using localised triangulation to provide potentially better representation of areas of shallow flow
• [STRETCHING] – added ability to specify “limit lines” to manage automated stretching
• [STRETCHING] – added ability to specify depth tolerance when stretching
• [WEB MAPPING SERVICE] – added support for “Web Mapping Service” image layers
• [TUFLOW FV CONVERSION] – added support for TUFLOW FV results
• [PANNING SHORTCUT] – hold down space to switch to pan view mode
• [GENERAL] – General interface enhancments
Updated Features:
• [STRETCHING] – now enforce strict stretching routine (ie if depth criteria met, cells will be stretched onto)
• [CLIPPING] – added ability to specify whether clipping is inside/outside the polygon
• [LINKING] – removed need for specifying .vmole file for commonly linked OLE files
• [NULLIFY] – dramatically increased speed of nullify tool
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – added ability to process scalar velocities (although velocity vectors will be incorrect)
• [EXPORT FLOOD EXTENTS] – added warning for exporting lines where “glass walls” are present
• [EXPORTING] – Added support for exporting to Esri Shapefiles (*.shp).
• [HILLSHADE] – brightened hillshade
• [EXPORTING wrb’s] – enhanced speed of exporting flood extents/surfaces/contours from wrb’s to GIS files
• [TIME TO PEAK QUERY] – added ability to specify hydraulic parameter to use
• [EXPORT VIEW] – added exporting of jgw file
• [VOLUME CALCULATIONS] – allow volume of “peak” water surface to be calculated, despite surface not being real
• [TIME SERIES ASCII GRID] – added ability to convert only time-varying water level grids
Bug Fixes:
• [CLIPPING] – Fixed bug in clipping TIN’s
• [EXTENTS] – Fixed removal of island/puddles
• [MAPPING] – Fixed progress display on progress bar
• [LINKING] – Fixed display of CSV file charts
• [TUFLOW CONVERSION] – Fixed detection of NAN’s in TUFLoW output
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Fixed detection of some depth codes in header
• [MIKE21 CONVERSION] – Fixed specification of target and source projections
• [MULTIPLE TIME SERIES EXTRACTION] – Fixed error writing to temp folder
• [ASCII GRID RESULTS] – Fixed velocity writing for single timestep results
• [TRIM TIMESTEPS] – Clarified specificaiton of start and end timesteps
• [HAZARDS MANAGER] – Fixed display of default waterRIDE hazards
• [SURFACE MAPPING] – Fixed bug in filepos for large mapped surfaces
• [EXPORTING vECTOR GIS] – Fixed bug in some surfaces when exporting mif/mid vector linework
• [TUFLOW AUTOMATIC CONVERSION] – added ability to specify mapping option from setup form
• [SOBEK CONVERSION] – fixed width of “case” selection form
• [PROFILE PLOT] – fixed missing layer labels
• [LINKSWIN] – fixed activepage display of “repeat profile” chart window
• [COMBINED FILEs *.wrc] – fixed time series, profile and flux plots
• [TIME SERIES PLOTS] – fixed display of current location (black line)
New Features:
• Added a tool for cleaning direct rainfall/rainfall on the grid model results using multiple parameters across time
• Added ability to select which projections to display in the list.
• Added a tool for carrying out statistical analysis across multiple water surfaces (eg ARI at which all areas are inundated)
• Added option to interpolate water level at “blocked out” buildings in flood damages calculations
• Added time adjustment to “time-based queries” to determine time once “triggers” are reached (eg 5.0m at the bridge gauge)
• Added ability to extract both flow and profile plots from all polylines in a GIS file
• Added the option to copy tabular data to the clipboard for Word, Excel, etc (CTRL-C) from the Links Window
• Added automatic conversion of TUFLOW results using only *.2dm file
• Added the option to paste from Excel to Mannings caclulator.
• Added additional smoothing function to export flood extents
• Added ability to select individual layers to relocate
Updated Features:
• Enhanced speed of nullify tool
• Added ability to export CSV record of GIS table in GIS-Flood Integration
• The last project file location is now saved in the INI file in the Windows user local app folder
• Improved the wR surface rotate/offset coodinates tool window and added the option of scaling the coordinates.
• Improved the clipping of WRB file tool
• Added units to the ruler tool.
• Enhanced speed of mapping-on-the-fly surfaces used in a flood forecast application
• Improved the usability of the MIKE21 conversion window by displaying more information to the users
• The conversion window will now adjust the default orientation automatically when the map projection is changed to account for the convergence angle.
• The tool can now locate h.dat & v.dat files using the file name of the .2dm file for TUFLOW conversion
• Reduced the run time of time-to-peak query for mapping-on-the-fly files significantly at the cost of higher (~50% extra) memory usage.
• Added ability to index polygon GIS file by deepest point in polygon
• Reduced the run time of rate of rise analysis.
• Can now have negative or zero reference level for depth over and freeboard to level
• Can now give negative depth for depth over level
• Added the option to update a database instead of creating a Word document flood certificate.
• Improved the detection of the correct parameters in MIKE21 DFS files for non-standard list of time-varying items.
• The peak of peaks tool will no longer specify a peak source for nodes without a water level.
• only wet cells display peak of peaks source
• Now use the file extension of the first source surface as the default file extension of the output file for a peak of peaks calculation
• Added ability to vary number of points on output cubic spline smoothed lines
Bug Fixes:
• The trim time-steps tool will now exit gracefully if there are no time-steps in the file.
• Fixed import of DXF files and 3D faces
• Fixed an access violation error when doing a profile plot for DTM files with only a single point.
• Fixed a bug in the IPCR conversion where the program were passing the input files in an incorrect order for the procedure.
• Fixed cursor information stutter for large GIS files
• Fixed Load/Save profile point inconsistency
• Fixed a bug where updated layers were not re-initialised if they were not in the active view.
• Fixed a bug where the WRR coordinates were off by half a cell width/height in MIKE21
• Fixed a bug where the rotation for WRR files were rotated in the wrong direction in MIKE21
• Fixed a bug to allow correct rotation around the centre of the bottom-left cell instead of the corner in MIKE21
• Fixed meta-data use in automated certificates
• Fixed an issue with flood certificates that sometimes would leave opened instances of MS Word that would cause the processing to hang.
• Fixed a bug where a blank record was inserted when adding new properties after processing the certificates.
• Can now read IDRISI grid file >2GB correctly.
• Fixed a range check error in the time-to-peak query for mapping-on-the-fly files
• Now convert all units to seconds when calculating the area under the flow hydrograph.
• Fixed a bug with the rate of rise analysis if two or more rate of rise items were selected.
• Fixed an invalid floating point error and a division by zero errors that sometimes occur when re-projecting a layer.
• Fixed bug in saving defult output path on automated certificates setup form
• Fixed bug in some surface labels when exporting GIS vector linework
New Features:
• Added ability to hillshade gridded terrain surfaces
• Added ability to show combined hillshade for gridded water surfaces
• Added ability to drag and drop files on layers forms
• Added ability to drag and drop files on utilities forms
• Added ability to repeat last time series/profile/flow plots to stack multiple events on single chart
• Added rates of rise analysis tool
• Added ability to extract “point” data for all water surface layers in view (hold CTRL when using the Map Info tool)
• Added support converting ESRI grids (*.adf)
• Added ability to select time series plots of any parameter from toolbar
• Added ability to plot location in map window when clicking on profile plot
• Added ability to load Key Points from points in a GIS Layer
• Added ability to extract flow profiles across multiple polylines in a GIS file
• Added ability to edit common layer properties for multiple layers in a view
• Added InfoWorks RS conversion
• Added ICPR conversion
• Compiled using Windows 7 libraries
Updated Features:
• Updated automatic water surface stretching algorithm (stretch to wet extents)
• Improved and expanded utilities dialogs
• Improved export flood extent speed
• Improved export GIS speed
• Improved dialog layout and on-form descriptions
• Improved speed of MrSID Imagery
• Updated ECW libraries
• Speed enhancements to waterRIDE libraries
• Added more description to the mapping/overlaying water surface to DEM tool dialog
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed bug in GIS-Flood Integration time calculation
• Fixed bug in exporting some GIS layers of water surfaces
• Fixed exporting flood extents for rotated grids
• Fixed hazards implementation in “on the fly mapping”
• Fixed bug in clipping/nullifying grid surfaces
• Fixed slow window resizing issue on some windows configurations
• Fixed a flow calculation error for WRB files
New Features:
• Exporting to GIS – Added simplify routine
• Added Key Points for dislaying active surface value for a view/view export
• Added CSV support for exporting X,Y,Value files
• Added support for TFW image registration files
• Added active text position control for GIS layers
• Added ability to select which series are displayed on multi-variable charts
Updated Features:
• Exporting to GIS – Enhanced smoothing routine – uses constrained cubic splines
• Enhanced layout of export WL Contours and Flood Extents form
• Added ability to nullify surface both inside and outside multiple polygons
Bug Fixes:
• access violation when converting SOBEK 2D file
• Fixed a Unicode problem with the MapInfo Drid Import DLL.
• Fixed default filename for saving Flood Planning Level Surface
• Changed labelling of “DTM Files” to “waterRIDE Surface Files”
• Fixed bug in copying and pasting branches
• Fixed “basic” display of wrr files when reprojecting
• Fixed exporting edges for wrr files
• Fixed a bug VMFPM script that was putting -9999 values for “Depth over level in field”.
• Fixed a bug where mouse actions like zooming and panning where no layer was active in the view.
• Fixed deleting selected layers in a view from the project
• Fixed updating layers in the current project after processing
• Significant changes have also been made to the utility waterRIDE BATCH. **
New Features:
• Exporting of flow vectors to GIS added to tools menu
Start date & time added to TIN & Grid metafile to facilitate dateTime display instead of hours
• Multiple data point selection available for water surfaces (hold CTRL while selecting points)
• GIS toolbar tool added to calculate distance along a polyline to a user clicked point (usefull for determining chainages along a centreline)
• Batch exporting water level contours at a specfied interval
Updated Features:
• Exporting contours, surfaces and flood extents rationalised between TINs and Grids and speeded up for Grids. Extents mapping can now be lines or regions.
• Auto exporting of water level contours added to the flood extents tab
• Saving of Grid queries added
• Printing of map view altered to print the view’s bitmap at 200dpi, rotated to fit the page
• Translucency bar shows percentage
• View contents list items now coloured similar to the add layers dialog for improved recognition
• Search dialog for GIS layers improved
• Basic flood certificate creation & use improved
• The Links Window graphs (profile, time series, etc) now includes buttons for zooming, panning, etc
• Profile and flux plots can be exported in AVI files
• Two options available for difference surfaces where one surface is wet and the other is dry
• Improved methods for rotating Grid water surfaces
• A number of small improvements made for efficiency & use
• Functionality of composite water surface layers improved for a number of actions
• Included axes on time series chart in AVI files
• Included icons for zooming, panning, exporting, and calculating area for charts in the links windows
Bug Fixes:
• Comparison profile for terrain was only showing one profile
• GIS vector text layers could not process long text
• Exported contours were extending beyond wet extents
• Synchronisation of charts in AVI files
New Features:
• Introduced Flood Hazards Management console. Greatly improves the flexibility of using various flood hazards.
• Update Existing Feature – ‘Peak of Peaks’ enhanced to store the name of the water surface file containing peak water level at all locations in surface
• Minor Bug Fix – fixed display of discrete category data in wrb files
New Features:
• Added support for direct import of HEC GeoRAS model results (previously in waterRIDE 1D surface)
• Added support for rotated grid model results.
• Can now display the actual date & time for each model time-step.
• More powerful tools for automated stretching of flood surfaces to the flood extents.
• Can now import model results from ANUGA hydrodynamic model.
• Create a single seamless DEM from multiple source files using waterRIDE Batch.
• Added thematic display of the energy surface.
Updated Features:
• Expanded confetti tracer to wrr files
• Update Existing Feature – Enhanced support for the network license server option. A network license server provides floating licenses to users anywhere on the network without the transfer of the physical dongles.
Bug Fixes:
• Minor Bug Fixes
New Features:
• Mannings equation hydraulic calculator (Tools Menu)
• Confetti tracer function (Animation toolbar)
• Additional easier access to time series & profile plot tools (Flood toolbar)
• Importing of MicroStation 3D triangles & DXF 3D Faces to wR TINs added
• Utilities menu added to replace wR_Translator – includes model conversion, peaks manipulation, clipping, stretching, grid
• Conversions, dtm updates, dtm exporting & importing
• Refinements to contour and surface exporting
• Conversion of GIS field values to GIS vector text (useful for contour labels)
• Removed need for /nologo in shortcut – fullscreen or presentation mode can now be toggled on & off
• Active view name added to application title bar
• Logarithmic and custom legend scales added to thematic mapping
• DtmBatch merged into wR_Batch and now includes batch processing of flood surface manipulation.
• Numerous small improvements to make the interface and dialogs more intuitive and easy to use.
New Features:
• There are no longer separate standalone and network versions.
Updated Features:
• [MIKE21 conversion] added support for converting MIKE21 DT2 files of over 2GB in size.
• [MIKE21 conversion] The user can now specify the land value.
Updated Features:
• [Utilities] Can now update the terrain of a DTM file using multiple source files.
• Can now use mapping on-the-fly (*.wrm) files in DTM composite files (*.wrc).
• Exporting X-Y-V tool now saves the file as *.txt file instead of *.dat files.
Bug Fixes:
• Minor Bug Fixes
Updated Features:
• [House Photos] Added the images back to the photo registration navigation buttons.
Bug Fixes:
• [House Photos] Now accept float as the field type for the floor and eaves pixel
The values will be rounded to the nearest integer.
New Features:
• Integrated some model conversion tools from Translator.
Updated Features:
• When exporting flood extent for a single layer, the user is prompted to select the output file location and the projection of the layer if projection is not set in the layer.
• The search dialog now remembers the last field used for searching.
• FPM dialog will not be shown if the necessary layers for a tool are not available in the project.
Bug Fixes:
• Now shows the locations of the points and cross-sections for flux plots
Updated Features:
• Widespread speed improvements
Bug Fixes:
• Minor Bug Fixes
Updated Features:
• An optional eaves level field which can be used in place
of the 2.4 metres floor-to-eaves height for house photos
Bug Fixes:
• Minor Bug Fixes
New Features:
• Major release incorporating significant interface and usability enhancements, and release of ‘Flood Plain Manager’ sophisticated toolset.
• Added GIS drawing/editing tools
• When exporting view, can choose whether to draw the legend or not. For custom bitmaps, both the draw legend and draw scale check boxes are available.
• The current time or the peaks text is now shown permanently on the screen, including exported views.
Updated Features:
• Under the tile plot border graphics tab, can now move objects and edit text.
• When running the flood parameter query, an empty form is no longer shown if the active DTM
• Surface does not contain time-varying results.
• Zoom window can now be dragged in any directions.
• Improved the speed of exporting Raster grid.
• The time-series and flux plot tools are no longer shown unless the active layer has time-varying data.
• When running forecast setup, any existing settings saved in the *.VMINI file will be loaded.
• For the flood forecast setup, the automatically created interpolated layer can now be a *.wrr file as well.
• Parameter query results are now retained after repainting.
• Added the option of using the flood levels of an existing flood surface as well as interpolation from gauges.
• Reduced the time it takes to read the gauge levels in forecast application
• Can now specifies the start-time, end-time and time-step of animation recording. Recording now starts and stops automatically.
Bug Fixes:
• The current time-step is now displayed correctly to the second without the 00:00:59 problem when the time is exactly in one-minute increments.
New Features:
• Added a time-to-level option to GIS flood integration.
• Added ability to load mif/mid point files for time-series plot and profile plots.
• Holding down the shift key while moving the mouse in a time-series chart now snap the cursor to the data points.
Updated Features:
• View comparer tools are now located under the tools menu and not on the toolbar.
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed the Ctrl-A shortcut for bringing up the layer display dialog box for layers that do no store the true file name in datasource (eg. .wrm and composite files).
New Features:
• Added info tool to display all hydraulic parameters at a point
• Added a quick-run button for GIS flood integration.
Updated Features:
• GIS flood integration will no longer use the peak results by default. It will use the time-step that is currently active.
• Significant speed improvement for GIS flood integration.
– New Feature –
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed profile plot
Bug Fixes:
• Resolved singles/doubles file format issue
New Features:
• Added .WRM file format. Supporting mapping-on-the-fly with base raster .WRR file and .WRB or .WRR data results file.
• Added a view comparer feature where images of multiple views can be captured and then compared by ‘flicking’ through them.
• Added support for comparative flood damages analysis (i.e. not NPV analysis). Flood damages can be calculated for any number of flood surfaces at the same time.
• Added the zoom-lock button to the presentation version toolbar.
• Flood damages save the flood depth to GIS files to 3 decimal places instead of one decimal place.
Updated Features:
• Flood planning levels only drawn when ‘wet’ (i.e. flood planning level higher than ground).– Uodate Existing Feature – save/load flood damages settings.
• Added mouse-wheel zoom factor adjustment and other zoom/pan improvements.
Bug Fixes:
• Can read files of over 2GB in size correctly.
New Features:
• Flood forecast support for WRB and WRR files incorporated.
• Support for exporting flood planning surface for both WRB & WRR layers.
Updated Features:
• Terrain can be displayed when time-varying data is selected instead of limiting to peaks data only.
• Streamlined memory management routines to enhance display speed
Updated Features:
• Streamlined the read and write disk access of grid layers.
Bug Fixes:
• Minor Bug Fixes
• – Enhance Existing Feature –
New Features:
• Support the first public release of the waterRIDE Grid (*.wrr) file format.
New Features:
• Added ability to export animations as AVI files
Bug Fixes:
• Minor bug fixes
New Features:
• Initial release of DTMbatch (v2.95)
New Features:
• Added tutorial
New Features:
• Added tutorial
• Added support for MrSid imagery
Updated Features:
• Updated Help system
• Enhanced control over velocity vectors
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed bug in index system
New Features:
• Added support for JPEG2000 imagery
• Lock zoom added – <Ctrl Alt Z> to lock zoom between views
• Save links table to csv – overwrite prompt added
• Flux plot added
• Added paste branch from TOC
• Added ability to load hazard files in File menu
• Added contour export choices including joining and smoothing
• Added Ctrl Alt NWUDR for autocontour scaling
• Added support for saving profile plot point locations
• Added ability to quickly move layers
• Added ability to do tile plots
• Added ability to plot node labels
• Various new minor features incporporated into interface
Updated Features:
• Numerous interface improvements
• Enhanced speed of general display
• Enhanced speed of raster layer display
• right click return to prevmode or popup menu rationalised
• zoom/pan and timesteps maintain current TOC panel
• expanded Export FloodInfo to write out multiple wrbs to an active gis layer
Bug Fixes:
• resetting of timeseries button fixed
• fixed bug with initial extents & added <Fit all layers>
• fixed bug with combined polygon terraces
• Numerous minor bug fixes
New Features:
• Enhanced legend and palette editor
New Features:
• Added support for translucent thematic filling
Updated Features:
• Enhanced suppport for cross sectional profiles
New Features:
• Built-in colour palette
• Volume calculation menu item
• Menu item to view links window
Bug Fixes:
• Cross section sensitive to end points
Updated Features:
• Improved and expanded help system
• Increased speed of ECW display
Updated Features:
• Added MGA to projections
Updated Features:
• Point and click image registration
• Legend added to project tab
New Features:
• Option to display highlighted active text next to cursor
• Separate basic symbology for each view
• Layer zoom display limits
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