Webinars & Presentations


May, 2020

waterRIDE CLOUD Launch

20 minutes

This launch webinar covers:
- what is waterRIDE CLOUD?
- Watch a Live demonstration
- How does it work with waterRIDE Classic and my existing datasets?
- "Local Cloud", "Customer Cloud", "waterRIDE.net Cloud" hosting options? Which one is right for you?
- Cloud specific features and offerings
- Data sharing possibilities
- What does it cost?
- Q&A session 


 October, 2020

Sharing Flooding Information Without Transferring Any Data

24 minutes

This webinar covers:
- What is waterRIDE CLOUD?
- How can I access my flooding data from anywhere?
- What can I do with my flooding data on the Cloud?
- How quickly can I share my flooding information, both internally and externally?
- How do I share with someone who doesn’t have waterRIDE?
- waterRIDE CLOUD, Classic or Hybrid? Which is best for me?
- waterRIDE as a Service (WaaS) - how does this help me share my information? 


 March, 2021

Automating Flood Certificates - You already have everything you need

22 minutes

This webinar covers:
- Why automate your flood certificates?
- Things to consider before automating
- What datasets do you need?
- Managing consistency and overlap between different flooding datasets
- Certificates templates – you may need/want more than one
- Setting up a system in waterRIDE: tips and tricks
- Delivery mechanisms: on demand, in bulk or batches
- Cloud or Classic? Where can you host your system? 


 August, 2021

Making Your Flooding Data Even Easier To Access

23 minutes

This webinar covers:
- Master projects, the Enterprise framework and the new Home button
- Master/Detail projects and the role of auto-linking for multi-catchment data access
- Managing user access to specific datasets
- Clarity in project building
- The role of flood intelligence
- Sharing information (downloads vs logins)
- waterRIDE CLOUD vs Classic 


May 2021

Floodplain Management Australia Conference: Leveraging The Cloud For The Enhanced Communication of Flood Risk - The COVID19 Legacy

18 minutes

The case studies cover:
- Flood forecasting and real-time emergency response
- Flooding data management and access
- Formal flood communications: flood certificates and property-specific flood impact leaflets
- Inter-agency data access and communication
- Provision of remote professional services 


March, 2022

Sharing Your Flooding Data - Why and How, Easily

21 minutes

This webinar covers:
- Why share datasets?
- Barriers to sharing
- Sharing data vs sharing access to data
- Controlling access and security
- Usability of our shared data
- Sharing with different types of users


May, 2022

Flood Forecasting Using Readily Available Datasets

19 minutes

- What datasets do I need?
- Riverine and Storm Surge flooding
- Flash flooding and real-time hydrology
- Outcomes, flood intelligence and reporting
- Sharing and distributing forecasting information
- Available supporting real-time datasets (gauges, forecast rainfall, radar, soil moisture)
- Case studies and examples 


May 2022

Floodplain Management Australia Conference: It's Going to Rain Tomorrow... From Uncertainty to Clarity Overnight

3 minutes

- Conversion of levels between gauge datum and AHD
- Using existing datasets to extend BoM gauge-based forecasts into catchment wide information
- Remote access to very large flooding datasets
- Cloud-based collaboration and remote professional services
- Data sharing with internal and external stakeholders
- Usability of information
- How the cloud facilitates speed of data access and sharing 


November 2022

waterRIDE LITE Launch - Flooding Data In Your Pocket

16 minutes

- How does it work?
- How do end users access it?
- How do I publish my data?
- Live data linking and the waterRIDE API
- Example: Community facing flood certificates - Somerset Regional Council
- Extra: Live Google StreetView imagery with flood levels 

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