2024 Training

waterRIDE group training is designed to quickly get you “up to speed”. Alternatively, tailored onsite sessions target specific waterRIDE use for your organisation.

Our hands-on sessions are all run virtually using waterRIDE CLOUD.

The modules, designed for new and experienced users alike, are highly focussed and limited to a "half-day" (3-4hrs), leaving you time to still "get some work done".

Upcoming Sessions

February/March 2024

27th Feb - 7th March, 2024 
• Viewer - 27th
• Essentials - 28th
• Flood Intelligence - 29th
• Working with Model Data - 5th
•  waterRIDE in the Enterprise - 6th  
• Automated Flood Certificates - 7th

June 2024

18th – 27th June, 2024 
• Viewer - 18th 
• Essentials - 19th 
• Flood Intelligence - 20th 
• Working with Model Data - 25th
• waterRIDE in the Enterprise - 26th
• Automated Flood Certificates - 27th

October 2023

17th – 26th October, 2023
• Viewer - 17th 
• Essentials - 18th 
• Flood Intelligence - 19th  
• Working with Model Data - 24th
• waterRIDE in the Enterprise - 25th
• Automated Flood Certificates - 26th

Group Training Prices


  • All users
  • No prior knowledge assumed
  • Get started using waterRIDE with existing projects and datasets
  • navigation, interrogation, searching, basic exporting

A$ 350

 ex GST


  • All users
  • Viewer assumed knowledge
  • Get up to speed with importing data and building projects/views
  • project building, new data import, model conversion, metadata, hazards, envelopes, difference mapping, optimising datasets, intro to flood intelligence
A$ 350

 ex GST

Flood Intelligence & Reporting

  • Intermediate users
  • Essentials assumed knowledge
  • Analyse flooding information to determine "what it means"
  • queries, GIS intelligence, property specific information, locating min/max, flood extents, evacuation routes, gauge linkage, rate of rise, vulnerability, property photos
A$ 350

 ex GST

Working with Model Data (Advanced)

  • Experienced users
  • Essentials level experience required
  • Manipulate, process and analyse your flood and terrain datasets

  • importing model results, cleaning, refining, editing, adjusting, clipping, managing overlap, peak of peaks, optimising datasets, working with terrain: building DEMs, flowpaths, catchment analysis, stage storage curves, flood planning levels, stretching, flood damages

$ 450

 ex GST

waterRIDE in the Enterprise

  • Experienced users
  • Essentials level experience required
  • Manage, fine-tune, and maximise how waterRIDE is used by and connected to your organisation and the community (waterRIDE LITE)
  • working with GIS layers, internet based imagery, StreetMaps, image toggles, GIS linking, projections, address servers, searchboxes, bulk view editing, project templates, figure exports, enterprise configuration, metadata, performance, optimisation, data storage/structure, global/local settings, waterRIDE LITE publishing

$ 400

 ex GST

Automated Flood Certificates

  • Intermediate users
  • Essentials level experience required
  • Operate, build and manage an automated flood certificates system

  • Theory, setting up projects and templates, creating certificates on demand and batch, managing data, system updates, system performance, system management

$ 500

 ex GST

Strict maximum of 15 attendees at each session.

Discounts are available:

- Mutli-session discount if 2 or more sessions are booked for the same person: 10% off total
- Multiple attendees from the one organisation at any session: 25% off 2nd registration
Full details available here.


Are there any discounts available?

Yes. If you book two or more sessions a 10% discount is applied.

If anyone else from your organisation joins you in a session, they receive a 25% discount for that session.

How do the 2024 sessions compare to the old ones?

Old Essentials = Viewer + Essentials
Old Advanced = Working with Model Data + Flood Intelligence and Reporting (part) + waterRIDE in the Enterprise (part)
Old Certificates = Automated Flood Certificates

How do I register?

Fill in the form below or send us an email: waterRIDE@worley.com

How are the sessions run?

We run all training using waterRIDE CLOUD and a Microsft Teams online meeting.

Recordings of each session are made available for a limited time to attendees.

What software/hardware do I need?

As we use waterRIDE CLOUD to run the sessions, you only need a computer with a browser.

We recommend having two screens, one for our screen share and one for you to work on.

All datasets will be available when you logon.

Where are my logon details?

The day before the session you will be sent an email with login details

What time zone are the sessions run in?

All sessions are run in Sydney (Australia) time.

This is AEST (or AEDT when daylight savings is running).

Why the different colours in the session headers?

It's just a simple thematic map. The darker the blue the more waterRIDE experience is required.

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