Emergency Managers

“How can I better prepare for and manage flooding emergencies in my community?”

Time-based Queries

Provide a solid understanding of evacuation issues by analysing time-based information.

Interactive Animations

Animate and interrogate how a flood develops over time, providing essential information for evacuation phasing and planning.


Within seconds, create a predicted peak flood surface from forecast gauge levels, predicted rain, or likely storm surge forecasts.


Automatically integrate GIS datasets with your flooding data to determine community specific flood impacts.

From real-time flood forecasting, to emergency management planning, scenario analysis, and mock floods, waterRIDE is an invaluable tool for flood emergency managers.

Desktop, Cloud, Hybrid : waterRIDE has the flexibility and reliability you need

waterRIDE’s unique capability provides a powerful desktop and/or cloud framework for emergency managers to better plan for and manage flooding emergencies, be they riverine, storm surge, flash flood, or a combination of all.

Share or access your data with the confidence that it will "just work" when you need it to.

Real-time or planning, your data is ready

The waterRIDE environment provides emergency managers with a host of tools to assist in managing a flood emergency, both during an event and in a planning context.

The tools are designed to make necessary flooding information readily available to the flood emergency manager, in an easy to use interface, without needing to be a flood modeller! This ensures that the manager has a system that they can rely on during the high pressure situation of a flood emergency.

Flood Intelligence Made Easy

waterRIDE’s unique ability to integrate time-varying flooding data with GIS asset and facility information provides emergency managers with a unique perspective on assessing what the implications of flooding may be. E.g. what properties will be affected, what roads will be cut, and when.

Real-time flood forecasting

leverage your existing datasets to determine not only what an impending flood will look like, but what the outcomes are likely to be.

Analyse and Understand

Time based and parameter queries, rate of rise, evacuation, flood intelligence all help you understand what flooding means.

Property Photos

Integrate flood levels with scaled property photos to provide a realistic representation of flooding at an individual property. 

Community Education

The highly visual nature of waterRIDE facilitates understanding of flooding issues by all members of the community.

Cloud Distribution

Using waterRIDE CLOUD, your information is always with you.

Use waterRIDE LITE to publish information directly to the community.

Data Portability and Redundancy

“Pack ‘n’ Go” collects a copy of your datasets to ensure you have everything with you, on your laptop. No power, no internet, no worries! waterRIDE will still work.

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