Floodplain Managers

“I need full access to my model results to truly understand and manage flood behaviour"


Easily inspect water levels, flood depths, flood hazards, velocities, and VxD at any location on the floodplain. Model anomalies or errors are clearly visible.


Extract profile, time series and flow plots anywhere. Inspect multiple surfaces at once. Compare different model runs. Your ability to slice and dice is peerless.


No matter what flood model you or your consultants use, waterRIDE can access it, using the one rich interface.

Flood Industry Specific Tools

No longer do you need to compromise using generic GIS tools. waterRIDE provides tools built by industry experts for the industry.

Successful floodplain management and planning requires a thorough understanding of local flood behaviour. Occasionally, this can be garnered from actual flood events, but more commonly, this understanding needs to come from computer hydraulic models.

However, those that need to use the datasets created by these models are not, usually, modellers themselves.

No matter what model was used, or how it was delivered, waterRIDE makes it easy to access, without needing to be a modeller.

The team of engineering programmers and hydraulic modellers at Worley have developed waterRIDE to provide floodplain managers and planners with easy access to their flood modelling results from any model. You no longer need to be a technical flood modeller or GIS expert to access your full, time–varying model results.

Information at your fingertips

Unfettered access to your model results and seamless integration with your asset and infrastructure datasets allows you truly understand the implications of flooding on your community.

Access to Information

A library of design flood surfaces at your fingertips. Readily interrogate terrain, water level, depth, velocity, VxD, hazard, froude and shear at any location in the model, for the entire hydrograph!

Single Interface

interrogate any of your model results with the convenience of a single interface.

Plot Hydraulic Parameter Data

Create time series, profile, and flow plots using the model results at any location(s) in the model.

Flood Extents

Rapidly generate GIS flood extents (including smoothing) for ready identification of flood affected properties and exporting to any GIS package.

Rate of Rise

Interrogte and display rates of rise at any location in the model to improve understanding of the time varying nature of your flooding issues.

Floodway, Flood Storage, Flood Fringe

Identify zones where velocity and depth meet certain criteria to assist with definition of floodways, flood storage areas and the flood fringe.

GIS Integration

Easily populate GIS layers with data from your model results (such as peak flood levels and flood hazard), or create flood intelligence such as depth of over floor flooding, or depth over evacuation routes.

Peak of Peaks (surface envelopes) 

Create the peak flood envelope (water level, extent, velocities, VxD, hazard etc) from a series of model results (eg different 100yr rainfall intensities and durations).

Flood Planning Level

Add a freeboard to the design flood surface to create a flood planning level surface, including access to hydraulic stretching routines.

Flood Damages

Calculate flood damages across all flood events, for all properties in your catchment, including calculation of Average Annual Damage (AAD) and present value analysis.


Tag all of your model results with additional information (such as source report, results date, comments etc) for quality assurance purposes.

Quality Assurance

Free up your time with rapid and consistent issuing of flood information.

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