waterRIDE FORECAST Console

Automating your flood forecasting system.

Automate the delivery of your flood forecasts

The waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console is designed to automate the operation of a waterRIDE™ based flood forecasting system.

A manual system typically uses waterRIDE™ FLOOD Manager to setup and operate the system as desired, updating forecast gauge levels by entering gauge level forecasts.

The waterRIDE™ FLOOD Forecast Console provides a means of streamlining the operation of the system, as well as distributing forecast information to a wider audience.

This may involve the use of multiple waterRIDE™ FLOOD Viewer licenses for intuitive, read only access to the forecast data and affectation or wider distribution using waterRIDE CLOUD.

Combined with our forecast rainfall data packs, you'll have a powerful tool for keeping abreast of impending flooding.

Key Features

Automated Schedules

Schedule collection of your forecasting datasets from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, local files etc

Data Collection

BoM, MetService, WeatherZone, Stevens Institute, Enviromon, Tardis, SQL, CSV, XML, Web, waterRIDE Rainfall Data Packs


Automated export and delivery of forecast outputs: maps, surfaces, extents, flood intelligence

Notification and Reporting

Emails, SMS, spreadsheets, reports, graphics

Intelligent "Impact-Based" Triggers

Driving rainfall, forecast surface (depth/level), affectation (properties flooded, roads closed, critical infrastructure inoperable)


Full error logs and status integration with your forecasting projects.

Available in Two Versions


Full-featured capability to collect input datasets (internal and external), automate forecast execution, publish and distribute outputs, and send notifications.


Limited to collection of waterRIDE Forecast Rainfall Data Pack datasets only.

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