Forecast Rainfall Data Packs

Advanced warning of rainfall

waterRIDE-ready grids based on the BoM's ADFD, ACCESS-C and RAINFIELDS Products

ADFD - 7 Day Rainfall Forecast (Base Pack)

Base Package

The base package (mandatory) provides access to broader-scale datasets and is designed to provide information at a country-wide scale.

Available as "ready to go" waterRIDE grids, these datasets can be used with Real-time hydrology flood forecasting systems or just on their own, providing users with advanced warning of potential flooding. 

The base data package provides access to the following datasets:
BoM Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD) rainfall datasets (3 hourly - 7 day forecast, updated four times daily, 6km grid) for the following probabilities:     
     - 10% Chance of exceeding (time series and total expected rain)
     - 25% Chance of exceeding (time series and total expected rain)
     - 50% Chance of exceeding (time series and total expected rain)
AWRA-L soil moisture – updated daily – provides an indication of antecedent catchment conditions
• BoM publicly available 15-minute gauged rainfall data 

Soil Moisture (Base Pack)

Radar Rainfall Products (Add-on)

This addon pack provides access to more detailed, shorter duration rainfall forecasts and radar/gauge based products. These datasets provide a more detailed, yet shorter term outlook of likely/actual rainfall.

Based on the BoM RAINFIELDS Radar Rainfall forecast and NowCast datasets, these products offer a 256km grid consisting of 1km x 1km cells of the relevant radar coverage area.

This package includes access to the following datasets within the domain:
Calibrated Radar Rainfall – bias corrected radar using real-time gauge observations – updated every 5 mins
Merged rain gauge and radar rainfall – a fallen rainfall grid created by blended real time rain gauge observations with calibrated radar rainfall – 15 minute rainfall updated every 15 mins
Rainfall forecasts –10 min, 12-hour Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) updated every 10 minutes 

Calibrated Radar Rainfall (Radar Addon Pack)

Key Features

Interrogatable Gridded Data

Not just a picture, these are waterRIDE grids ready for time series, animation, further analysis or inclusion in your real-time hydrology system.

Single Source

All of your data arrives in a single location. We look after the collection of the various base datasets for you.

waterRIDE Ready

Datasets arrive and update automatically (via the forecast Console - required), ready to use in your waterRIDE projects.

Temporal Analysis

Interrogate not only the expected volume of rain but how it falls (eg 200mm in 24 hours, or 200mm in 4!)


You benefit from our large user base with well-priced packs and single waterRIDE billing.

Data at a Glance

Setup using our standard template and you'll have all rainfall data at your fingertips.

15 Minute Rain Gauge Data (Base Pack)

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