February 2024

waterRIDE LIVE... Automated Current River Level Mapping

waterRIDE LIVE creates a flood surface using current gauge levels to provide a full picture of current river conditions.

This has proven invaluable in emergency response, particularly when paired with mapping of the expected flood peak.

It is normally configured to run automatically every 15mins and can be viewed in waterRIDE Classic, waterRIDE CLOUD and even to the community via waterRIDE LITE.

As it leverages detailed flood modelling, the performance of the system in recent floods has been excellent with users describing the capability as "brilliant".

Flood Camera Image - January 2024 Flooding

waterRIDE LIVE Mapping - January 2024 Flooding

Setup in a similar manner to a flood forecasting system, waterRIDE LIVE can be configured relatively quickly, especially if you are already running a forecasting system.

The input datasets are readily available, consisting simply of: 
  - Flood study outputs for a range of magnitudes (small flood to large flood), and
  - Current river level gauges (in-house systems or using BoM 15minute national gauges)

waterRIDE FORECAST Console can then be used to automatically collect gauge levels and run the LIVE system on a regular schedule, publishing surfaces to waterRIDE CLASSIC, CLOUD and LITE.

Flood Camera Image - January 2024 Flooding

waterRIDE LIVE Mapping - January 2024 Flooding

The system requires at least one gauge per catchment, with an increased number of gauges providing better capture of the flood wave as it moves down the catchment.

All tools needed to setup a waterRIDE LIVE project are available in the most recent waterRIDE release (December 2023), or feel free to give us a call.

Image Galleries

Image galleries can be used to provide an interactive display of a collection (or folder) of images.

Users are able to load, search, skip and animate through the image gallery.

Galleries are commonly configured to provide access to images at a given location that change over time.

For example, flood cameras capturing images every 15mins during a flood event can be used to create an animation of the actual flood.

By linking these images to gauges, you can also register the gauge level at the time the image was taken providing an invaluable resource for future flood education and planning.

Image Gallery - Please Don't Drive Through Floodwaters!

Setup using waterRIDE's GIS Linking functionality, all you need is a GIS layer of points with a field pointing to the folder containing the images to display.

Using waterRIDE FORECAST Console, you can automate the collection of real-time imagery if you have access via standard web platforms or FTP servers.

Alternatively, use the gallery to a series of historical photos at various locations.

2024 Group Training Dates

The first tranch of group training for 2024 starts at the end of this month.

Continuing with inobtrusive half-day sessions spread over 2 weeks, the sessions provide an excellent way for new users to quickly come up to speed, and for experienced users to extend their skillsets.

Please register early as places are limited 27th Feb - 7th March, 2024
• Viewer - 27th
• Essentials - 28th
• Flood Intelligence - 29th
• Working with Model Data - 5th
• waterRIDE in the Enterprise - 6th
• Automated Flood Certificates - 7th

To register or view session outlines/content, please head to our training page.

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